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Newsletter February 2008.  Click here for a copy

Gypsy and Travellers proposed site.

Arising from a requirement  by the East of England Regional Assembly, Welwyn Hatfield is ‘required’ to provide 17 pitches (one per family and may contain one or two caravans).  Consultants have identified only one possibly suitable site in the whole of Welwyn Hatfield, located on Bulls Lane, Bell Bar.  Consultation is due in Spring 2008.  About 200 people attended the public meeting held by our MP Grant Shapps, and included addresses by Chris Conway, Chief Planning Officer at the Council, and Cllr Stephen Boulton, chairman of the Planning Control Committee at the council. 

This Society issued a special Newsletter in April 2008 with a suggested response form attached.  665 local residents sent us their completed response forms which we sent in a parcel to the Government.


An Examination in Public is to be held at Letchworth starting 20th October 2008, lasting up to four days.  The final report is scheduled in late 2009. 


Waste Disposal site.

Herts County Council, like all county councils, is having to reduce the amount of waste which is tipped into landfill holes.  Research has been carried out and further research is being done, to identify the best sites for new facilities.  There is a need to reduce waste, increase recycling to 50%, and deal with what is left, minimising the amount having to go into landfill..  At the moment the county has to dispose of 3 million tons of waste a year, pf which 600,000 tons is domestic waste, and this will increase as more homes are built, and more businesses created.  One potential site is New Barnfield, Travellers Lane, Welham Green.  The access is via the roundabout on the A1001 South Way, South Hatfield – the same access road used by Mitsubishi and Tesco.  The land is owned by the County Council and is a brownfield site within the Green Belt.  At this stage it is too soon to speculate as to whether the site will prove suitable, and for what type of waste disposal facility.


See our February 2008 Newsletter – link above -  for the information we circulated to every household in North Mymms.  At our AGM a draft response form was circulated.


East of England Plan.

The final version of this Plan was issued in 2008 still requiring 10,000 more homes in Welwyn Hatfield in the period 2001 – 2021.  Herts County Council is taking legal action against the Government claiming that the Plan ignores the infrastructure problems which will be caused by the 63,000 homes in the county.


Actions, appeals and planning applications in 2008, in alphabetical order of street name


72 Bell Lane, Bell Bar.  2008/253.  Demolish and erect 5-bed dwelling.  We objected as being materially larger that the existing house, which is in the Green Belt.


Upper Farm, Bell Lane, Bell Bar.  2008/421.  Convert to a dwelling and erect new dwelling.  We commented that it was not in accordance with Green Belt policy.  It was refused on


5 Bradmore Way, Brookmans Park.  2008/437.  Extensions and convert into 5 flats.  We objected as overdevelopment and problems with car parking.


35 Dixons hill Close.  2008/352.  demolish and erect new dwelling.  We objected as out of character with the area.  It was refused




RVC, Hawkshead Lane, North Mymms.  2008/317.  Additional car parking.   We objected to the proposed car park on the south side of the lane.  That car park was deleted from the application and it was approved. 


Cherry Dell, Hawkshead Lane, North Mymms.  2008/331.  Turning head.  We objected to the proposed tarmac surface.  It was approved with the surfacing covered by a condition.


Woodman pub, Warrengate Road, North Mymms.  2008/56 and 68/LB.  Smoker’s shelter.  We have objected as out of keeping with the Listed building.