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  Tillicoultry's nine hole golf course runs along the lower slopes of the hills, between the main road (A91) from Alva and the hills.

Although it is only a nine hole course it is particularly challenging because of the rising terrain but this is more than compensated for by the unique, beautiful setting.

Originally founded on the hillside at Mains Farm at the other end of Tillicoultry in 1900, Tillicoultry Golf Club moved to it's present location in 1927.
About 16 years ago the club succeeded in purchasing the land on which it is sited from the Murray Trust.
There is a very pleasant walk up past the Golf Clubhouse taking you onto a bridle path which rises gently, following the top boundary of the Golf Course, then levelling out as it continues through the trees to the Woodland Park, then on down to Alva. This walk, with very little effort, provides some excellent views over the Devon Valley and even as far as Falkirk on the other side of the Forth Valley.