About Our Club

We meet at Onslow All Saints' Church Hall for our
weekly club evenings, and Normandy Village Hall
for the Main Saturday Dances, Sunday Tea Dances
and Saturday Evening Informal Dances.

We welcome new and experienced dancers of
all abilities, either with a partner or alone.
All dances are walked through to gain proficiency
before they start, then called by the M.C. for the
enjoyment and satisfaction of dancers.

Sue Richards Chairman
Robert Allen email   Tel: 01428 683423Treasurer
Sue Harrington Secretary
Ralph & Pat Page email   Tel: 01483 233455
Club  Programme
27th November 2016

Guildford Folk Dancers
Programme 2017

Main Saturday Dances

Normandy Village (large) Hall7.30pm - 11.00pm
Please bring a 'Plate of Food' to share
Feb 18 Frances Richardson The Falconers
Jun 10 Barrie Bullimore Kelly's Eye
Oct 21 Mike CourtholdWeston Country Dance Band
Dec 16 Ivan Aitken Keeping Thyme

Informal Saturday Dances

Normandy Village (small) Hall7.30pm - 10.30pm
Please bring a 'Plate of Food' to share
Jan 28 Club Callers Recorded Music
Apr 8          " "           
May 13          " "           

Sunday Tea Dances
All are Welcome

Normandy Village (small) Hall2.30pm - 5.30pm
Tea and Cake Provided
Feb 26 Club Callers Recorded Music
Mar 19          " "           
Apr 23          " "           
Sep 17          " "           
Oct 29          " "           
Nov 19          " "           

Venue     Normandy Village Hall,  Manor Fruit Farm,
                  Glaziers Lane, Normandy,  Surrey  GU3 2DT

Future programmes see  New Site

Contact  01428 683423   Email