Admission to Friday Dances is 3.50 for visitors or 2.50 for club members.
The Annual Membership Subscription is 5.00.

The Thursday Workshops, (admission 3.50)
are aimed at helping beginners, improving style,
and teaching the various figures used.

The club is affiliated to the English Folk Dance
and Song Society, whose logo (shown below)
represents a "lock" made from interlinked
swords, as produced at the end of displays by sword dance teams.

   For more information contact:

   David Sansom,
   27 Crofton Close,
   KT16 0LR

   Tel:  01932 872617


Meets on the first Friday (8.00 pm to 10.30 pm)
and third Thursday (8.00 pm to 10.00 pm) most
months at Pyrford Village Hall, Coldharbour
Road, Pyrford, Woking, Surrey  GU22 8SP

The club has been in existence for over 50 years.

Our style of dancing is called Folk, Traditional,
Country & Barn, and is mainly of English origin.

The dances are usually in sets, which may be
square, circular, or in lines facing partner.

Even if you come on your own, you will rarely
be left out of the dancing, unless you choose to
sit out. Newcomers are welcome.

When the caller announces a dance, and the sets are formed, he/she walks us through the dance to make sure everyone can do the figures, and also prompts as we dance.

5th January 2017 Club Programme: click here