Students have three hours tuition each morning Monday to Friday. There is a mid-morning break when children can have a snack and relax for twenty minutes. Monday and Friday afternoons are spent on  projects, arts and crafts.

Tuesday and Thursday are sports afternoons. Sports may include: tennis, football, table tennis, squash, badminton and swimming at the local sports centre. If the weather is good we like to take a picnic and spend the afternoon in the countryside walking, playing ball games, kite flying, cycling etc. 

Wednesday afternoon is for a local sightseeing excursion. These trips may include museums, castles, places of interest in Brighton, the zoo and shopping.

Children return to their host families at 5 o’clock where they can join in all normal family activities. We also set 30 - 60 mins homework per night which the host family supervises.

Each student will go on a full day sightseeing trip to London to see the major tourist attractions. We use all excursions and visits as a basis for project / language work in school.

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