Academic Year
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If you want to succeed at school in England it is essential to have a good working knowledge of English and be able to integrate into the life of the school and the culture of England.

Our preparation course provides:

  • Intensive English Language tuition
  • Introduction to Science, Geography and History
  • Opportunity to live in an English family, learn the lifestyle, practise speaking
  • Opportunity to join sports / after school clubs with English children
  • Opportunity to use English as your language of communication all day every day
  • Excursions to places of interest
  • Assistance with entry procedures to schools if required

We recommend:

20 week course for children who are beginner / elementary level OR children who have never visited England and have no knowledge of English culture e.g. children from Japan, Taiwan or China often need longer to adjust to the lifestyle and gain real fluency in the language.

12 week course for children who are at intermediate level OR children who have a good knowledge of English culture and way of life, e.g. European or Russian students.

Children follow an individual program to suit their level and specific needs. Courses are suitable for entry to school years 2 to 9 inclusive. Maximum 4 students per group. Qualified teachers only.


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