Children stay with a host family. The host families are all friends and colleagues who live nearby and are experienced in looking after our students. The children are well cared for in large, comfortable houses where they can relax after a busy day and also practise their conversation skills with the family. Most of our families have a wide range of interests and leisure activities and our students are able to participate in the authentic English way of life. The families transport the children daily by car to and from the school. We also organise social events with English children e.g. barbecues, excursions, cinema visits.

The welfare of the children is very important to us. There is supervision at all times, and a high staff / student ratio. The children have three full meals a day and an afternoon snack. If necessary the children can visit the doctor or the children’s nurse at our local Health Centre. Anderida is a comfortable and welcoming school and it is in a safe and secure country environment. 

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