Summer Course

Summer school is during June, July and August, for children aged 7 to 14 years. We have a full programme of English lessons, sport, activities, art, sightseeing and educational visits. We specialise in teaching English to junior students, and our main emphasis is on language learning. Each child follows an individual teaching programme according to age and level. All children return home with a folder of work including language, project and artwork. Most children enjoy our project work which includes many different topics and gives children a chance to use their English in a practical and imaginative way.


We are near to the seaside town of Brighton: we often spend the day there visiting the Royal Pavilion, the museums, the fair and the beach. We also offer specialist courses in tennis, golf and sailing alongside our language courses. These take place at the local sports centre with qualified instructors, and our students are placed in a group with English children so that they can use English in a natural situation. Please visit the Activities page for details of your child's programme.

We also offer National Curriculum Support Studies (English For Academic Purposes). These lessons are for children who are in English Schools, or children about to enter English Schools. In addition to the English Language lessons, we follow a course designed to open up the vocabulary needed in Geography, History and Science at school. Many children find these lessons difficult at school because of the special vocabulary they need. We help children to acquire this new vocabulary and the skills needed to succeed in the British education system.

We have a large library of books covering these subjects and through a carefully written series of worksheets and projects we guide the students to a greater knowledge of the topics studied for each subject at Keystages 1, 2, and 3, ready for entry to Years 2-9. Our course has been developed over many years, drawing on our experience of helping overseas students both at their boarding schools and in preparing for entry to boarding school. For further information on course content and suitability for the different age groups, please apply using the address on our Contact Us page.

LONGSTAY COURSE - 3 April/29 May to 21 August 2005

This is an intensive course of English Language for children who wish to achieve a high standard of English in a short time or for children who are about to enter U.K. schools in September 2005. The course will contain intensive language training with optional National Curriculum Studies (as above). Wherever possible, we will arrange for children to socialise with English children and try out typically English activities such as cricket. Children will take part in “Golf Week” and “Tennis Week” during their stay. We can also help parents choose a new school and assist with entry procedures if necessary.


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