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There are many hundreds of articles of equipment in use by the United States Army and its branches of service. Presented here are a selection of the more common items, which can be seen at one of our living history presentations. We hope to add more to this page as time goes by.

Web Gear
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Cartridge Belt > US Army Enlisted Mens Rifle Belt- Infantry-M1917- Washed out tan Web material, with Lift The Dot (LTD) fasteners. Mills fabricated- Adjustment of belt at rear. Complete with full set of Inert .30.06 Ammo, and stripper clips M17 Cartridge Belt 301x240 @ 72ppi JPEG Low
First Aid Pouch > US Army Enlisted mens issue Carlisle bandage pouch.
WW1 Issue. Twin snap fasteners. Inside would be found a metallic tin containing a dressing and bangade. The tin would be open by pulling on a large 'D' ring pull, much like a modern drinks can.
Carlisle Pouch 250x146 @ 72ppi JPEG Low
Water Canteen > The canteen cover is a pre WW1 2nd pattern M1910 type. It has rare Rounded ears with binding re-inforcement and is pea green in colour, fitted with rimless eagle snap fasteners.dated 1905. An equipment identification disk is fitted to front cover.
The bottle is a first pattern M1910 Type, with flat plain sided top and Bronze chain. It has NO seems or stampings, concurrent with first pattern Bottles. The bottle is complete with an early Pre WW1 Cup- Unmarked with bronzed handle and the characteristic rolled edge that was an excellent conductor of heat - hence the nick name 'lip burner'.
WW1 Water Bottle and Cover 240x320 @ 72ppi JPEG Low
Field Gear
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M1910 Haversack > US Army M1910 Pattern Field Service haversack pack. Tan canvas and web construction, WW1 dated, with bronzed metal fixings. Single rear securing strap and hook.(Without pack extender) M1910 Haversack folded 240x320 @ 72ppi JPEG Low M1910 Haversack open 240x320 @ 72ppi JPEG Low
M1910 Meat Can Pouch > US issue Meat can pouch, This example is from Mexican Border Period. Pea green in colour the canvas bag is fitted with a single Rimless Eagle snap fastener, as opposed to a regular button. The rear laces to the top of the M1910 haversack. This is he first pattern meat can pouch and very rare. It is marked on front to Artillery unit, with crossed cannons.. (Snap patented 1905)
Also pictured are a selection of WW1 period meat cans. These came in two parts, a dish to which a folding handle is attached and a very(!) shallow plate.
Meat can pouch 320x240 @ 72ppi JPEG Low Meat Cans 310x300 @ 72ppi JPEG Low
Entrenching Tool > The entrenching tool was a short 'T' handled shovel strapped into a D shaped cover that clasped to the top of the haversack. Although not terribly effective it proved an excellent weapon in hand to hand combat. M1910 E Tool 300x166 @ 72ppi JPEG Low
Shelter Tent > The standard shelter tent consisted of two halves of canvas, wooden pegs, guy ropes and a pair of folding poles. This was split between two soldiers and carried as part of the blanket role inside the haversack. The halves were tan in colour and buttoned together. The complete shelter tent had one open end, meaning that four 'halves' could be joined together to make a larger shelter for four men. Shelter Tent Canvas 320x240 @ 72ppi JPEG Low Pegs and Poles 320x240 @ 72ppi JPEG Low
M1917 Respirator > Another piece if equipment copied from the British. This 'Small Box Respirator' was carried in a canvas bag usually across the chest with the flap toward the body to prevent the ingress of mud. M1910 Haversack folded 240x320 @ 72ppi JPEG Low
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Bacon Tins > US Issue Bacon cans, For personal meat ration. Two types, Model 1916, and Model 1918. M1916 & 18 Bacon Tins 320x240 @ 72ppi JPEG Low
Condiment Tins >US WW1 Issue Condiments tins, with detatchable lids and twin compartments for Coffee, Sugar and Salt. Condiment Tins 240x320 @ 72ppi JPEG Low
Mess Utensils >US WW1 Standard issue Mess utensils. Set includes 2x Spoons, 1x M1918 Knife (Short), and 1X Fork WW1 Mess Untensils 320x240 @ 72ppi JPEG Low
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