The Strange World of Emotion

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Introduction :
Part 2

The two basic abreactions of guilt and pride are described in the articles on Abreaction in part 1. The remaining two abreactions, those of narcissism and jealousy, are described in the article The Conversion Experience.

The articles on the subconscious mind are grouped into different themes.

Section 1 focuses on some basic patterns of thinking that are automatic and which the person is not usually aware of. These patterns shape the nature of relationships, whether social, sexual, political or religious. Where these patterns are exerting a powerful influence, the person's relationships become based on need, rather than on free choice.

Section 2 : the subconscious mind is the home of confusion, as well as of creativity. Some forms of confusion are described. In the attempt to rise above confusion, three common paths can be followed : those of character transformation and of justification in sophisticated societies, and rites of passage in more naturalistic societies.

Section 3 is on various forms of sexual orientation and the emotional dynamics that underlie them.

Section 4 describes ways of undertaking character transformation, and the difficulties that are encountered. Goodness evolves out of badness. Therefore, to develop a comprehensive understanding of morality and ethics, it becomes necessary to examine the base of badness, which is nihilism. I briefly mention my view of relativity : this is different from the usual view. Relativity is explored in more depth on my websites A Modern Thinker and Relative Mind, Relative Matter (see Links page for their addresses).

Section 5 describes aspects of spirituality. The stages of spiritual growth are poorly understood in the Western world. Perhaps the major reason for this is that people do not want to move beyond faith in case they risk losing it. The highest stage of spirituality that I explore is mysticism. For higher stages, I give a brief analysis on my website Patterns of Spirituality, in the section Enlightenment (see Links page).

Section 6 is for additional articles.

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