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Additional Articles
on Psychology and Idealism

The articles listed here are on dynamic psychology (the psychology of the subconscious mind and the unconscious mind). Understanding the way that the mind works has implications for ethical theories, general philosophy, and all other ways of depicting human nature.

Some of these articles are taken from my other, more specialised, websites and are presented here in order to give a panoramic view of the way that these ideas on emotion can be applied to a wide range of issues.

Articles on emotion and the process of abreaction can be accessed from the home page. The ideas in these articles are needed in order to fully understand the other articles listed here.

The Subconscious Mind - how it works

section 1

Some Basic Mechanisms

Transference - introduces the patterns of bonding.

Projection and Introjection - the basic loop of desire and emotion.

Power - the loop of power and happiness.

Aspects of Personal Identity - inferiority, social approval, and more.

section 2

The Mind Maze

Confusion - snags and pitfalls of the idealist ; beginning a new quest.

Antithetical Thoughts - voices and unpleasant thoughts.

Alienation - effects of living in a society which is spiritually poor ; stupor.

Justification - from old identities to new ones ; causality and motivation.

Character Transformation - from instability to stability to flexibility.

Reversal of Values - disjunctive states of mind ; ideal mother image.

Rites of Passage - escaping nihilism by using emotional rituals.

section 3


Two Modes of Sexuality - sexuality is dual in form.

Bonding - continues the bonding patterns.

Oedipus and Electra - symbolism in sexual practices.

TV / TS - transvestism and trans-sexuality, plus voyeurism and groping.

Sadism and Masochism - sexual violence and degrading phantasies.

Structure of Sexual Response - four relationship responses.

Partnerships - the way that change affects partners.

section 4


Sublimation - deriving good attitudes from distressful beliefs.

Faith - completes the patterns of bonding ; three forms of faith.

Morality - a look at origins and terminology.

Sexuality and Ethics - how sexuality affects ethics.

Personal Evolution - practising ethics, and negotiating goodness.

Nihilism - static and dynamic structures ; sexuality and authority.

section 5


Dialectics and Human Evolution - the way of spiritual teachers.

Orientations - the three goals of the spiritual life ; the soul.

Conflict within Idealism 1 - overview of the three levels of confusion in the spiritual life.

Conflict within Idealism 2 - the three stages in detail.

Conflict within Idealism 3 - three forms of ethics and three ideals.

Utopian Idealism - spirituality as personal choice.

The Conversion Experience - abreactions of jealousy and narcissism.

section 6

More Ideas

Notes on Morality - problems of childhood conditioning.

Notes on Social Change - primacy of moral influences ; revolutions.

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