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My other Websites

I have another site which contains the same two basic articles on emotion and abreaction. It has other articles on the psycho-analytic experience together with ones on method. This site specialises in the dynamic psychology of personal identity.

This second site is called  The Subconscious Mind.

* * *

I have a site on dynamic psychology and idealism. It also contains the basic articles on emotion and abreaction. Here I extensively apply my ideas on the mind to an exploration of the emotional dynamics that underlie many fields of individual and social activities. This exploration often opens new avenues for understanding old problems. Most articles in this section range between sexuality, belief and ethics, aspects of identity, power, attitudes, relationships and idealism.

This third site is called Discover Your Mind, and is at

* * *

I have a fourth site which is on philosophy of science. It features ideas on the nature of relativity and proposes a solution to the wave-particle paradox in atomic physics. No maths are involved. The difficulty in conceptually understanding what happens within the atom is due to semantics. Western thinkers have consistently mis-understood the meaning of relative concepts. The boundaries between the three concepts of subjectivity, objectivity, and relativity have not been clearly dis-entangled.

This fourth site is called Relative Mind, Relative Matter, and is at

* * *

I have a fifth site which describes some of the difficulties, crises and goals of spiritual development. It gives a psychological map for modern times, charting the landmarks on the spiritual journey. It presents new ideas on karma or human causation, explaining the difference between moral karma and psychological karma. It also explains the conflict that living a moral life produces, or why bad things happen to good people. The three levels of power, justice, and freedom are analysed, each of which produces its own kind of sorrow.

The site is Patterns of Spirituality

* * *

My sixth site is on some traditional themes of philosophy: the pursuit of truth, belief and morality, mind, semiology and sign systems, language, metaphysics, handling paradoxes (especially in atomic physics), and my view of relativity. Overall, the ideas explore meaning in life and the way that consciousness makes sense of reality. No ability in logical analysis is required - only a wide view of life is needed. Many of my ideas are original and reflect my understanding of the subconscious mind. Come and look at new ideas in philosophy.

The site is called A Modern Thinker, and is at

* * *

I have a website that features analyses of various forms of madness, confusion, violence, creative illness, and psycho-somatic disorders. The unconscious ideas that produce such states of mind are explained. In the articles on this website I only consider the causes and effects of psychological conditions on people ; I do not consider any possible physiological or genetic causes.

The site is called Patterns of Confusion, and is at

* * *

My newest site features just my ideas on emotion and abreaction. The three articles on emotion and the five articles on abreaction, which are on the psychology sites above, are split up into much smaller page sizes in order to make them easier to read and digest. Otherwise the content is the same.

The site is called World of Emotion

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Special  interests

My web friend Vahid has a literary site at

The Pecos Rio Grande Museum in Texas, USA, is a new era museum, a twenty-first century anthropological display. It offers the art of early man 9,000 to 2,000 before the present era, long before the time of Indian tribes.

Dr Hugo's Museums of the Mind explores synaesthesia and the arts. Research and theory on ways that the senses can cross-link : for example, a sound might trigger a perception of colour, or a colour might give rise to an aroma. Homepage of the Belgian Synaesthesia Association. is a directory of science-related websites. Psychology is listed under the Social Sciences category. At

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Psychic / Spiritual

Occult-advances is a site that encompasses spiritual training, yoga, and occult topics such as alchemy, the tree of life and kabbalah. At

Eagle Spirit Ministry is a universal ministry that accepts all belief systems and aims to assist all who seek to find the truth within. It provides a wide range of resources. At

I. T. Resources

Amic Utilities specialize in Windows enhancement utilities. They offer fine utilities, made to be intuitive and easy to use, to assist you in your work on the computer.

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