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I am a transgender male. My focus is on achieving an harmonious balance between my sense of masculinity and my sense of femininity. I like to look feminine, but I have no desire to be a woman. 

I retired at age 60. Desiring a more interesting life, I decided to come out  when I was 64.

The following photos are thumbnails. Click on the links to go to full size photos.

Early Days

family teen mum in 1955
Childhood, around 1949 Teen Mum in 1955

Guy mode

at home 1993 me in 2003 med 2009
at home in 1993 2003 Mediterranean, 2009

Femme mode

at friend's place on a ferry cotswolds london bistro
at a friend's place on ferry 2010 Cotswold's country 2010 in a London bistro 2011

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