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We are located in Llandegla, North Wales, adjacent to the Clwydian Range, a designated area of outstanding natural beauty. We have a small farm with rare breed hens, Pedigree Lleyn sheep and run a small cactus nursery.




Ian has been a specialist grower of cacti and succulents since 1952. He is a National Show judge for the British Cactus and Succulent Society and is available to give lectures on various subjects. Here is a picture of the main nursery greenhouse. A selection of Ian's cactus slides can be viewed here, along with links to allow you to create a cactus image screensaver! A further 70 cactus slides (September 2003) can be viewed here.

You can view a large number of Echinopsis Hybrid Flowers here. Many of them are avaialable from the Echinopsis list.

Please telephone before visiting to avoid disappointment.

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Garden and Maze

Janet and Ian are enthusiastic gardeners. The garden has a number of interesting features including a brick maze. Recent photographs of the garden can be found here.

The maze was added to the garden in the summer of 2003 and consists of over one thousand bricks. By using cunning placement of pot plants the solution keeps changing. You are welcome to try it out if you visit!

Wind Turbine

The wind turbine was erected in December 2005. It is a 6kw Proven and will provide up to 12500 units per year at an average wind speed of 5.1m/s. Photographs of the construction and the turbine itself can be found here.

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Contact Information

Postal Address:
North Wales
LL11 3AF

Tel: +44 (0)1978 790236


Directions: It is quite easy to find us, please use the maps at 'streetmap' or 'multimap' or the home-grown map below

Location map

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Last revised: July 3rd, 2008.