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R=Rooted cutting
U=Unrooted cutting
S=Seed raised
NA=Currently not available

As I am always propagating cuttings plants marked 'U' may have roots by the time they are sold. Plants marked NA may also be available again. Please enquire.
Wants lists welcomed.
Packing and postage is charged at 3.50 for the UK and other European countries.
To order by Email use :
Payment should accompany your orderand can be in the form of cash,Postal Order or a sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank. Please make cheques payable to I.G.Robinson. A cheque with the value left blank, but endorsed with "not to exceed x, where x is the maximum value of the order, will avoid substitution when plants are out of stock. Continental European customers may pay in UK pounds in the form of International Money Orders or send cash in UK pounds. Unfortunately I can not accept Eurocheques because of the excessively high clearance charge.

  • I can now take electronic/credit card payments by e-mail via "Paypal", Website. but please add 5% to the total to cover charges. This is a fast and secure service which solves all the foreign currency difficulties. My Paypal account name is
  • Postal Address:
    North Wales
    LL11 3AF

    Tel: +44 (0)1978 790236

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    As I am always propagating cuttings R=rooted cutting      
    plants marked U may have roots by U=unrooted cutting      
    the time they are sold. G=grafted      
    Plants marked NA may also be available P=Plant      
    again, enquire. S=Seed raised      
    Packing and postage min.2 NA=Currently not available      
    Name Information   Type Price

    Tephrocactus and Opuntia relatives

    Airampoa 'Aquas Negras GH5757 Nice spination   R 1.00
    Airampoa Boliviensis red flower   U 1.00
    Airampoa Iries     U 1.00
    Airampoa Ovata?     U 1.00
    Airampoa Picardoi red flower   U 1.00
    Austrocylindropuntia floccosus     U 3.00
    Austrocylindropuntia malayanus     G 4.00
    Austrocylindropuntia pachypus     R 4.00
    Austrocylindropuntia pachypus cristatus     G 4.00
    Austrocylindropuntia verschafeltii     U 1.00
    Austrocylindropuntia verschafeltii Long spined form   U 1.00
    Austrocylindropuntia verschafeltii yellow flowered form   U 1.00
    Austrocylindropuntia verticosa Corderilla Negra, Peru   U 1.00
    Austrocylindropuntia vestita     U 1.00
    Corynopuntia bulbispina     U 1.00
    Corynopuntia clavata White sp,Clarke mountains, albuquerque   U 1.00
    Corynopuntia clavata DJF1060 Bernallito Co. N.Mexico   U 2.00
    Corynopuntia muelleri     U 1.00
    Cumulopuntia chivay RHH129 2 clones, seed 1987A and 129(H)   U 1.00
    Cumulopuntia ferocior BK13/1 Bates Kertley S1991 (a)   U 1.00
    Cumulopuntia pentlandii v.digacanthus     U 1.00
    Cumulopuntia subinermis 5cm spines   U 1.00
    Cumulopuntia subinermis no spines   U 1.00
    Cumulopuntia subinermis TSG14     U 1.00
    Grusonia hameltonii     U 1.00
    Maihuenia poepigii hardy   R 3.00
    Maihueniopsis andicola     U 1.00
    Maihueniopsis dactilifera WG255     U 1.00
    Maihueniopsis glomerata     U 1.00
    Maihueniopsis glomerata small bodies   U 1.00
    Maihueniopsis glomerata AH3 V. small bodies   U 1.00
    Maihueniopsis glomerata v.fulvispina TSG14     U 1.00
    Maihueniopsis glomerata v.longispina TSG13 Andicola?   U 1.00
    Maihueniopsis hegenbartiana WG 358     U 1.00
    Maihueniopsis mandragora Ex B.Makin   U 1.00
    Maihueniopsis mandragora AH EX Dog Dyke   U 1.00
    Maihueniopsis minima     U 1.00
    Maihueniopsis ovallei WG111.00     U 1.00
    Maihueniopsis rossiana porrect spines   U 1.00
    Maihueniopsis rossiana WG138 adpressed spines   U 1.00
    Maihueniopsis rusellii     U 1.00
    Marenopuntia marenae     U 1.00
    Nopalea coccifera     U 1.00
    Opuntia arizonica hardy   SP 1.00
    Opuntia basilaris v.caudata     U 4.00
    Opuntia bernichiana hardy   SP 1.00
    Opuntia brasiliensis     RP 1.00
    Opuntia erinacea     U 1.00
    Opuntia microdasys (red spines)     U 1.00
    Opuntia microdasys (yellow spines)     U 1.00
    Opuntia microdasys cristate form     U 2.00
    Opuntia microdasys v. minima     U 1.00
    Opuntia miquelii     U 3.00
    Opuntia phaeacantha v.albispina hardy   SP 1.00
    Opuntia polyacantha v.albiflora hardy?   U 1.00
    Pterocactus araucana Norquinco to Rio Chico, Rio Negro   NA 4.00
    Pterocactus Araucana WG490   U 3.00
    Pterocactus australis WG324     U 3.00
    Pterocactus fischeri     U 3.00
    Pterocactus Fischeri     U 3.00
    Pterocactus ISI 1528 (fischeri) Rio Negro Valley, Nr.Villa Regina, Argentina   U 3.00
    Pterocactus KF52 R.Scheck   U 3.00
    Pterocactus kunzei     U 1.00
    Pterocactus tuberosus     R 1.00
    Puna bonniae Clones 4   G 4.00
    Puna clavarioides Club shaped brown body   U 2.50
    Puna clavarioides Cristate, easy rooting, greener body   U 2.50
    Puna subterranea WG 233     U 4.00
    Tephrocactus articulatus v. calvus     U 1.00
    Tephrocactus bolivianus RKH128 Pampa de canyahuas (s1987B)   U 1.00
    Tephrocactus bolivianus v.dactilifera RKH10 Seed 78(B)   U 1.00
    Tephrocactus bolivianus v.dactilifera RKH11 Clone I, (Silastani?)   U 1.00
    Tephrocactus bolivianus v.dactilifera RKH12 (Silketan?)   U 1.00
    Tephrocactus diademata     U 1.00
    Tephrocactus geometricus 1 only   G 6.00
    Tephrocactus molinensis green with pale brown spines   U/G 3.00
    Tephrocactus molinensis Clone 2 green body spines brown when young then paler   U 3.00
    Tephrocactus molinensis Clone 3 Brown body pale spines   U 3.00
    Tephrocactus Oligocarpus Flowering clone   R 1.00
    Tephrocactus ovatus/dimorpha 3cm body   U 1.00
    Tephrocactus papyracantha slightly less fragile   U 1.00
    Tephrocactus platyacantha     U 1.00
    Tephrocactus polyacantha from Alberta.   U 1.00
    Tephrocactus sphaericus 6-7cm sements   U 5.00
    Tephrocactus sphaericus flowering clone, brown centrals   U 1.00
    Tephrocactus sphaericus ISI 1525 3cm body ex.Mollando Rd,Peru 2800m   U 1.00
    Tephrocactus strobiliformis     U 1.00
    Tephrocactus weberi clone 1 Long white spines   U 2.00
    Tephrocactus weberi clone 3 short white spines   U 3.00
    Tephrocactus weberi clone 4 brown spines   U 3.00
    Tephrocactus weberi clone 5 cream/orange spines   U 3.00
    Tephrocactus zehnderi     U 1.00
    Tunilla leoncita     U 1.50


    Braunsia seminota     U 1.00
    Cheiridopsis peculiaris     SP 1.00
    Conophytum angustum     R 1.00
    Conophytum taylorianum ssp. Ernianum     R 1.00
    Fenestraria aurantiaca     S 1.00
    Fenestraria aurantiaca seedlings from orange flowered plant   S 1.00
    Fenestraria rhopalophylla white flower   S 1.00
    Fenestraria rhopalophylla Very pale yellow flower   S 2.00
    Gibbaeum dispar     S 2.00
    Lithops leslei Storm's Albinigold     SP 1.00
    Pleiospilos grandiflora     S 1.00
    Prepodesma orpenii msg1570, Kuruman   SP 1.00
    Trichodiadema mirabilis White flower   U 1.00


    Acanthocalycium glaucum     S 1.00
    Acanthocalycium violaceum     P 1.00
    Aporocactus conzattii     R 1.00
    Aporocactus flageliformis     U 1.00
    Aporocactus flagriformis     U 1.00
    Aporocactus mallisonii     U 1.00
    Astrophytum myriostigma     S 1.50
    Austrocephalocereus dybowskii     P 1.00
    Aylostera heliosa     SP 1.00
    Aylostera heliosa cristata     G 3.00
    Aylostera muscula     P 1.00
    Aylostera pseudoheliosa     U 1.00
    Borzicactus sextonianus Jointed body, free flowerer   U 1.00
    Brasilicactus graesneri     SP 1.00
    Carnegia Gigantea     SP 1.00
    Cereus peruvianus 'Fairy Castles'     U 1.00
    Cleistocactus strausii     SP 1.00
    Cleistocactus strausii x Oreocereus fossulatus CROSSED back with c. strausii   SP 1.00
    Cleistocactus vulpis cauda     SP 1.00
    Cleistocactus wendlandiorum     P 2.00
    Cochemia maritima     U 1.00
    Coloradoa mesa verdae     G 2.50
    Copiapoa lauii     R 1.50
    Copiapoa tenuissima monstrosa     NA 2.50
    Corryocactus ayopayanus     U 1.00
    Coryphantha raphidacantha 'EX Ray' Like velvety cauliflowers   NA 2.50
    Cylindrorebutia gonjiana Fine spined form, clones 1,2 and 3   R 3.00
    Cylindrorebutia gonjiana cristata Fine spined form (clone 3)   G 4.00
    Echinocereus barthelowanus ISI 98-3     U 2.00
    Echinocereus caespitosus     R 1.00
    Echinocereus davisii v.brevispinus     G 3.00
    Echinocereus durangensis     SP 1.00
    Echinocereus gentryi     SP 1.00
    Echinocereus knippelianus v. kreugeri older seedlings   P 2.00
    Echinocereus pentalophus v.procumbens     U 1.00
    Echinocereus russanthus cristatus     NA 4.00
    Echinocereus russanthus neocapillus SB391.00, small seedlings   S 2.00
    Echinocereus scheeri cristata     U 1.00
    Epiphyllanthus opuntioides     U 2.00
    Erdisia gracilis     U 2.00
    Escobaria leei     U 1.00
    Frailea anglesii     S 1.00
    Frailea asteroides     S 1.00
    FRED Inside out Mammillaria bombycina   U 3.00
    Gymnocactus subteraneus v.zaragossae     G 3.00
    Gymnocactus ysabellae My Clone 1   G 3.00
    Gymnocactus ysabellae My Clone 2   G 3.00
    Gymnocalycium baldianum     SP 1.00
    Gymnocalycium buenekeri     SP 1.00
    Gymnocalycium denudatum x horstii     SP 1.00
    Gymnocalycium lafaldense (bruchii)   P 1.00
    Gymnocalycium spegazinnii     p 1.00
    Lemaireocereus marginatus     R 2.00
    Lobivia albolanata White wooly form of L.densispina   U 1.00
    Lobivia bonniae     G 3.00
    Lobivia coquimbana     P 1.00
    Lobivia famatimensis Original fine spined form (reichiocactus!)   U/G 2.00
    Lobivia jajoiana ( glauca ) v.paucicostata     SP 1.00
    Lobivia leucomalla Fine spines, white glassy radial ,darker centrals,orange areole   R 1.00
    Lobivia sp. ISI 96-8 Bright pink flowers   U 1.00
    Lophopora jourdeniniana     NA 2.50
    Maehuenia poepigii     R 3.00
    Mammillaria bombycina     SP 1.00
    Mammillaria duwei cristata     NA 3.00
    Mammillaria giselae     G 3.00
    Mammillaria gracilis 'Arizona Snowcap'     U 1.00
    Mammillaria hernandezii my clone 2   G 4.00
    Mammillaria herrerae v. albiflora     G 5.00
    Mammillaria multidigitata     U 1.50
    Mammillaria napina     G 5.00
    Mammillaria occidentalis     R 1.00
    Mammillaria Perez de la rosea my clones 4,5   U 2.00
    Mammillaria prolifera cristata     R 2.00
    Mammillaria saboae     P 3.00
    Mammillaria sanchezmejorada My Clone 1   G 5.00
    Mammillaria schwarzii Pure brilliant white spines   P 2.00
    Mammillaria schwarzii Spines with red tinge   P 2.00
    Mammillaria theresae WHITE FLOWER     NA 3.00
    Mammillaria theresae (4) my clone 4   G 4.00
    Matucana polzii     R 1.00
    Matucana weberbaueri v. flammea     S 1.00
    Morangaya penisilis Clone 1   U 2.00
    Morangaya penisilis ISI 1051 Clone 2   U 2.00
    Morawetzia sericata ISI 97-44     P 3.00
    Morawetzia doelziana     P 2.00
    Morawetzia doelziana x matucana breviflora     SP 1.00
    Navajoa peeblesiana Holbrook, yellow flower   G 4.00
    Neoporteria nidus v.senilis White spines   S 1.00
    Notocactus magnificus     P 1.00
    Notocactus magnificus cristatus! This is the name on it, it looks more like N.scopa   G 3.00
    Notocactus magnificus monstrosus This is the name on it, it looks more like N.scopa   G 3.00
    Notocactus muricatus     U 1.00
    Notocactus purpureus     S 1.00
    Notocactus venclusianus (RED FLOWER)   SP 1.00
    Notocactus warasii     P 1.00
    Oreocereus fossulatus Red spined   P 2.00
    Oreocereus fossulatus cristatus     G 4.00
    Pediocactus winkleri SB737 Clone A My clone 1   G 4.00
    Pygmaeocereus bylesianus Numerous clones   U 2.00
    Pygmaeocereus densiaculeatus haageocereus lanugispinus   G 4.00
    Rebutia alboareolata     SP 1.00
    Rebutia berylloides     P 1.00
    Rebutia krainziana     P 1.00
    Rebutia maxima     P 1.00
    Rebutia perplexa     R 1.00
    Rebutia pygmaea v.diersiana     S 2.00
    Rebutia pygmaea v.rosalbiflora     S 1.00
    Rebutia tropocollitica     P 1.00
    Seticereus icosagonus     P 1.00
    Sulcorebutia augustinii HS 152     R 2.00
    Sulcorebutia bicolor AWC697     U 1.50
    Sulcorebutia canigueralii     R 1.00
    Sulcorebutia canigueralii     P 1.50
    Sulcorebutia crispata HS 255     P 1.00
    Sulcorebutia cupreata KK1917     U 1.50
    Sulcorebutia cylindrica HS440 white flower   U 1.00
    Sulcorebutia glomeriseta     R 1.00
    Sulcorebutia glomerispina     P 1.00
    Sulcorebutia glomerispina KK1795     U 1.50
    Sulcorebutia langeri     R 1.00
    Sulcorebutia perplexiflora     P 1.50
    Sulcorebutia rauschii (3) My clone 3 dark purple/bronze round heads   R 1.50
    Sulcorebutia rauschii cristata Brown spined form   G 4
    Sulcorebutia rauschii HS 121 AWC885 Ex Alan Craig lighter green black spines   R 1.50
    Sulcorebutia seioneana WR275 "=cochabambina=hoffmanniana"   U 1.50
    Sulcorebutia steinbachii v.gracilior cochabambina WF100   U 1.50
    Sulcorebutia taritensis v.minima Dark bottle green bodies   U 1.00
    Sulcorebutia verticillacantha orange flower, red filaments   R 1.00
    Sulcorebutia verticillacantha v. cupreata     U 1.00
    Thelocactus hexaedrophorus small seedlings   S 1.00
    thelocactus tulensis     U 1.00
    Toumeya papyracantha JM4S-3 Spines pale brown and wider   G 3.00
    Toumeya papyracantha JM93261/B RP99     G 3.00
    Toumeya papyracantha SB330 spines red/brown and wider   G 3.00
    Trichocereus bridgesii monstrosa     U 1.50
    Trichocereus fulvilanusx seticereus icosagonus Some normal, variegated and cristate/monstrose   SP 1.00
    Turbinicarpus alonsoi     G 4.00
    Turbinicarpus valdezianus     S 2.00
    Weingartia pruinosa     S 1.00
    Wilcoxia schmollii ISI 98-4= ISI1183     U 2.00
    Winteria auriespina cristata     U 1.00
    Yavia cryptocarpa (1) My clone 1   G 4.00
    Yavia cryptocarpa (2) BLMT437 My clone 2   G 4.00


    Aeonium arboreum atropurpureum 'Schwarzkopf'     U 1.00
    Aeonium manriqueorum Low branching   SP 1.00
    Agave americana variegata v. mediopicta     R 4.00
    Agave fernandis regis     R 2.00
    Agave parryi (small form)     R 1.00
    Agave parryi v.truncata     R 2.00
    Agave toumeyana v. bella     R 2.00
    Aloe albiflora     P 4.00
    Aloe bellatula x bakeri Very free flowering   P 1.00
    Aloe descoinsii seedlings to follow   R 3.00
    Aloe descoinsii x karrisbergensis     R 2.00
    Aloe haworthiodes     U 3.00
    Aloe haworthiodes x descoinsii     U 3.00
    Aloe humilis     P 1.00
    Aloe jacunda     R 1.00
    Aloe Rauhii cv.Snowflake     P 2.00
    Aloe saundersae     P 2.00
    Aloe vera Plants for 3 inch and 4 inch pots   P 1.00
    Aloe wildii ISI 99-35     P 4.00
    Anacampseros crinita     S 1.00
    Anacampseros lanigera     NA 1.00
    Angoluma wissmannii     U 2.00
    Caralluma burchardii     U 1.00
    Ceraria namaquensis     U 3.00
    Ceropegia stapeliformis     R 2.00
    Ceropergia dimorpha     NA 3.00
    Cissus quadrangularis     R 2.00
    Crassukla columnaris     U 2.00
    Crassula ausensis v. titanopsis Looks like a titanopsis. Just rooting.   R 2.00
    Crassula columella     U 1.00
    Crassula comptonii scented yellow flowers in January   U 1.00
    Crassula deceptor     R 1.00
    Crassula obliqua vareigata     U 1.00
    Dioscorea rupicola small seedlings   S 3.00
    Drimeopsis kirkii     BULB 1.00
    Echeveria cv JC Van Keppel     P 1.00
    Echeveria rundelii Ex Sierra mixteca   P 1.00
    Echeveria Setoliver     P 1.00
    Echeveria setosa v. deminuta (rundelii) Ex Sierra mixteca   U 1.00
    Echidnopsis archeri ?? This plant may be Pectinaria maughanii ?? When it flowers?   U 1.00
    Echidnopsis cereiformis v. brunnea     U 1.00
    Euphorbia cylindrifolia     U 3.00
    Euphorbia decaryi     U 3.00
    Euphorbia globosa     U 1.00
    Euphorbia gorgonis     SP 3.00
    Euphorbia juglans ISI1020     U/G 2.00
    Euphorbia mammillaris variegata Pinky white   U 1.00
    Euphorbia obesa     SP 1.00
    Euphorbia resinifera     U 1.00
    Euphorbia suzannae x bupleurifolia     U 2.00
    Gasteria armstrongii     R 1.00
    Graptopetalum Saxifragoides x Tacitus Bellus Tacipetalum 'Stardust' ISI 97-87   U 2.00
    Haemanthus albifloss     P 2.00
    haworhtia coarctata v.chalwinii     R 1.00
    Haworthia angustifolia v.subfalcata ISI649     P 1.00
    Haworthia attenuata cv. White Band     P 2.00
    Haworthia blackburniae ISI 98-50     P 4.00
    Haworthia comptoniana 3 year old seelings   P 3.00
    Haworthia cymbiformis v. multifolia     R 2.00
    Haworthia marumiana KG29/78     U 1.00
    Haworthia nigra seedlings to follow   U 1.00
    Haworthia parksiana     R 3.00
    Haworthia retusa v.longibracteata     U 1.00
    Haworthia rigida     P 1.00
    Haworthia truncata     NA 1.00
    Haworthia truncata x maughanii     P 2.50
    Haworthia variegata     R 1.00
    Hoya arnotiana     R 2.00
    Hoya keysii     U 4.00
    Hoya longifolia     R 2.00
    Hoya minibelle     R 2.00
    Hoya moloskae     R 2.00
    Hoya purpurea fusca     R 2.00
    Hoya Red buttons     R 2.00
    Hoya serpens     U 1.00
    Huernia aspera     R 2.00
    Huernia hystrix     R 2.00
    Huernia oculata     U 2.00
    Huernia pillansii     R 2.00
    Kalanchoe pumilla     U 1.00
    Kalanchoe synsepala v. deceptor ISI11674     U 1.00
    Kleinia articulata     U 1.00
    Kleinia articulata     R 1.00
    Kleinia tomentosa Senecio haworthii   U 1.00
    Orbea lutea?ssp.vaga?, melanantha? if flower is Yellow(lutea),brown/purple(ssp.vaga) red(melanantha)   R 1.00
    Orbea melanantha     R 2.00
    Ornithogalum caudata     BULB 1.00
    Othonna obtusifolia     U 1.00
    Pectinaria saxitilis     U 1.00
    Pelargonium crassipes 2year old seedlings   SP 3.00
    Piaranthus pillansii DP4130L     R 2.00
    Portulacaria afra     R 1.00
    Secamone sp. caudiciforme Madagascan Asclepiad   S 4.00
    Senecio deflersii ISI 926     U 4.00
    Stapelia ambigua v.fulva     R 1.00
    Stapelia hirsuta     R 1.00
    Stapelianthus decaryi     U 2.00
    Tacitus bellus     SP 2.00
    Tavaresia angolensis     R 2.00
    Testudinaria elephantipes 3-5year old plants   SP 3-5
    Tridentia pedunculata= Caralluma longidens     P 1.00
    Tromotricha revolutea DT2587 Knersvlakte   U 1.00
    Xerosicyos danguyi old penny' shaped leaves   U 5.00


    Zel= Louis S Zelenak USA Echinopsis Hybrids      
    ISI=Schick unless stated otherwise U=Unrooted / offset      
    MJM= Margaret Martin NA=Currently unavailable      
    PH= Pat Hutchinson Hybrids R=Rooted Offset      
    SIZ=Doug Sizmur      
    GROBIG=Ian Robinson        
    Chamaecereus crassicaule Semi cristate plant with red flowers U 1.00
    Chamaelobivia 'Captain Jessop' Orange flower U 1.00
    Chamaelobivia 'Captain Scarlet' Scarlet flower U 1.00
    Chamaelobivia Simply Red Deep Red Flower U 1.00
    Chamaelobivia 'Westfield Alba' White flower U 1.00
    Echinopsis Agathe SIZ Bluish pink U 2.00
    Echinopsis Arabesque ISI Yellow to peach orange edges, slightly crinkled small U 4.00
    Echinopsis Aurora 1 very small U 3.00
    Echinopsis Beautiful Dreamer ISI Rose pink small U 3.00
    Echinopsis Betsy PH Bright red/scarlet U 3.00
    Echinopsis Buttercup Abbeybrook, yellow U 2.00
    Echinopsis Candy Pink R 4.00
    Echinopsis Cassandra ISI 98-5 to4.5"Dark reddish purpleand light orange very small U 4.00
    Echinopsis Citrine Orange only 1 U 2.00
    Echinopsis Citrine x Aurora Pink fading to orange R 1.00
    Echinopsis Copper Beauty 1 small 4.00
    Echinopsis Coquette ISI Small multiwhorled bright yellow. u 3.00
    Echinopsis Cream Ice MJM Pastel pink large U 2.00
    Echinopsis Daydream ISI Tannish Orange to pink 2 very small u 3.00
    Echinopsis Don Juan ISI 97-9 4.74" Inner petals deep red purple dark orange/red middle and outer scarlet small U 4.00
    Echinopsis Dusty Copper PH Large coppery red 1 small U 3.00
    Echinopsis Eclipse ISILarge pink to yellower in centre.scented. small U 3.00
    Echinopsis Edwardian Lady ISI 98-8 4.75"Purple/ pink and yellow U 3.00
    Echinopsis Elle PH Purple Scented 2 small U 2.00
    Echinopsis Enchantress MJM pucey pink coral stripe. U 3.00
    Echinopsis Fancy Pants PH Ragged candy pink 1 only very small U 3.00
    Echinopsis Forty Niner U 3.00
    Echinopsis Galaxy ISI 96-3 5-6" White petals with purple/pink central stripe small U 4.00
    Echinopsis gemmata U 1.00
    Echinopsis Gerritt's Lemon U 2.00
    Echinopsis Gin and Lemon Orange U 2.00
    Echinopsis Gold Emblem 1 small U 4.00
    Echinopsis Gossamer ISI Pale Magenta darker 5inches U 3.00
    Echinopsis Green Gold (2 clones!) Yellow U 2.00
    Echinopsis Heather The colour of Moorland Heather very small U 3.00 s
    Echinopsis Henrietta Small Echinopsis very attractive flower U 3.00
    Echinopsis Lochinvar ISI Pink purple and white U 4.00
    Echinopsis Madame Pele ISI Reddish Purple and dark red U 3.00
    Echinopsis Maria = Maria Piazza ISI R 2.00
    Echinopsis Mephisto Paramount Does not root, needs grafting 1 only G 3.00
    Echinopsis Orange Ice Penny Jones hybrid U 2.00
    Echinopsis Out of Infinity very small U 3.00
    Echinopsis Palest Pink Very pale pink U 2.00
    Echinopsis Paramount Cream Paramount Hybrid U 2.00
    Echinopsis Paramount Yellow Paramount Hybrid U 2.00
    Echinopsis Pat's Sunshine small U 2.00
    Echinopsis Peach Monarch Paramount Hybrid U 2.00
    Echinopsis Peach Monarch x Terra Cotta U 3.00
    Echinopsis Peach Pearl PH small U 3.00
    Echinopsis Pink Bigun PH small U 2.00
    Echinopsis Princess Anne ISI 96-5 U 3.00
    Echinopsis Quirtal Squirt PH Spikey red petals U 4.00
    Echinopsis Red Perfection 1 very small U 4.00
    Echinopsis Romance ISI 98-11 5.5" Dark velevet pinkish purole-paler margins U 3.00
    Echinopsis Ruffled Pink small u 4.00
    Echinopsis Samantha Smith small U 3.00
    Echinopsis schelhasei cv. Rosea U 2.00
    Echinopsis schelhasei cv. White Knight U 2.00
    Echinopsis Sleeping Beauty ISI 97-28 Large dark pink scented very small U 3.00
    Echinopsis Spell Bound ISI 1 only U 4.00
    Echinopsis Stars and Stripes White petals with purple/pink central stripe small U 3.00
    Echinopsis Sunshine Breakfast PH Deep Yellow U 3.00
    Echinopsis Tondelayo ISI U 4.00
    Echinopsis Topaz Zel. Orange, Free flowering , approx 3inch diameter flowers. 1 only U 2.00
    Echinopsis Violet's Beauty Violet U 1.00
    Echinopsis Watermelon Paramount Hybrid Dilute carmine U 2.00
    Echinopsis x lobivia coquimbana Chris Goodwin hybrid yellow R 2.00
    Trichocereus Candicans x Peach Monarch U 3.00
    Trichopsis June Noon ISI 93-6Pale Yellow Mark Dimmitt hybrid U 4.00


    Cryptocereus anthonianus Wavy in and out edges U 2.00
    Deamia testudo U 3.00
    Epiphyllum Cooperi U 2.00
    Epiphyllum Desiree NA 2.00
    Epiphyllum Eloquence U 2.00
    Epiphyllum Golden Dream U 2.00
    Epiphyllum Amber Queen U 2.00
    Epiphyllum Barbara Driver U 2.00
    Epiphyllum Bruin U 2.00
    Epiphyllum Friendship U 2.00
    Epiphyllum Kathy Forster NA 2.00
    Epiphyllum London Emerald U 2.00
    Epiphyllum London Moonlight U 2.00
    Epiphyllum Oxypetalum U 2.00
    Epiphyllum Party Piece U 2.00
    Epiphyllum Reward U 2.00
    Epiphyllum Un-named large magenta flower U 2.00
    Epiphyllum Un-named very big red flower U 2.00
    Epiphyllum Un-named white scented flower U 2.00
    Lepismium monacantha U 3.00
    Rhipsalis floribunda U 2.00
    Echinopsis and epiphyte list last revised: January 28th, 2008.

    Main list Last Updated on 31/07/2006
    By Ian