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Last updated 25 May 08

New website - Grading reports

New website

It was agreed that Enzo Ciaffarafa will be taking over running your Bradford DCA website. Please take a look at the work he has done on it already. It is still under construction and there will be more additions throughout the summer. Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

New Website

Grading reports

John Griffith is well on the way to producing results from this season's matches. He is keying the information as we speak so you can see the results of each player, percentages and even league tables for all the leagues and congresses in Yorkshire. Use the link below and click on graded events then Bradford DCA league.

Grading List

Clough trophy results

Last in the stalls. First past the post!!

Ciivil Service, who had a bye in the first round, romp home by 3 lengths.

Results for Round 5
Undercliffe Knights                  3 - 4            Chesterfields
Khans Wrath                     3 1/2- 3 1/2       Mosquitoes
Raiders                                  4 - 3            Undercliffe C
Woodpushers                    2 1/2 - 4 1/2      CIVIL SERVICE
Predators                               4 - 3            Dark Horses
Unison                              2 1/2 - 4 1/2      Ilkley Moors
Scorpions 4 pt bye. minus 1/2 pt handicap for Knights from 2nd round adjustment.

1     Civil Service                  22
2     Predators                     19
3     Chesterfields                18 1/2
4=   Dark Horses,  Knights,  Raiders,  Woodpushers              17 1/2       
8=    Khan's Wrath, Mosquitoes              17        
10    Undercliffe C                 16 1/2
11=  Ilkley Moors, Scorpions                 16       
13    Unison                          14

Minutes of the April committee meeting can be found

Final League Tables found here. Tables
Hepolite Cup
South Bradford A v Polish Parish 2-4

Hepolite Plate
Ilkley B v Bradford Internationals 2-4


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There is an excellent site on the web which gives lots of exercises to help improve your chess.  Invaluable as a teaching aid for juniors and beginners and of course as a refresher.  click here

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