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1851 was the year of THE GREAT EXHIBITION and THE CENSUS. The details which follow are a few extracts from this edition but they are by no means a complete list of personal names and events appearing. Reference should be made to an original copy of the newspaper for full details of many of the events.

Part 1 22 March to 3 May 1851

Issue of 22 March 1851
p 246 Boiler explosion at cotton factory at Stockport. A boy, Worral, saved. James Brown died in fire.

p 246 Colliery explosion, Victoria Colliery, Nithshill. John Cochrane and David Colvill saved.

p 246 Coalpit explosion, Heys Colliery, Ashton. William Joule, miner, took top off his lamp, severely injured. John Ogden, killed. James Andrew, died from injuries.

On 1 April 1851 Bankruptcy Annulled B Angle, Moorfields, licensed victualler; Bankrupts G T Minor, Mount st, Lambeth, linen draper; J F Cole, Hampton Court, victualler; E Harrat & J Bland, Huntingdon & Godmanchester, builders; C May, WL & C J Metcalfe, Great Yarmouth, soap manufacturers; T Clayton, Pottesgrove near Woburn, draper; J Bury, junr., Sneiton, cotton waste dealer; R Davies, Tredegar, draper; E Thornton, Huddersfield, ironmonger; I & J S Dewhurst, Embassy, York, cotton spinners. 
Scotch Sequestrations: J Dixon, Paisley, irom founder; N Stewart & J M Mitchell, Perth, wine merchants; A Maclure, Glasgow, musicseller

Births 29 March 1851 to E S Polkinghorne, Esq. of Penzance, a daughter 28 March 1851 Mrs Edward Keate of Thorp, SRY, a son.

Deaths at South Parade House, Doncaster, Sophia, dau. of George Liddle, Esq., of Lendholme, died aged 8 years. 20 March 1851: Rev. John Prowett, rector of Catfield, NFK & Great Tey, ESS.

Issue of 5 April 1851
p 269 Mr Gale, 4 Horton st, Islington robbed of a pony and cart.

p 272 Frimley: Levi Harwood, Samuel Hardwood, James Jones charged with burglary at Kingston Assizes and with the murder of Rev. Mr L Hollest on 27 September 1850. Hiram Smith, accomplice. Morton, Superintendant of Police at Tunbridge Wells.

p 273 Thompson, Watson and Brown, charged with mutiny (at St Thomas) by Capt. Snow on arrival of 'Suffolk' at Boston, U.S. From Liverpool to Boston.

p 273 Mrs Butler Cole bequeathed Mr Dixon, surgeon of Preston, her medical attendant, 3000 which he declined.

p 273 Monument to Lt William Henry Sutwell, 31st Reg. of Native Infantry. Died 12 Feb. 1850 aged 20. Remembered by Captains Henry J Guyer, W R Dunmore, W P Hampton, W B Legard, George Newbolt, Samuel Richard Tickell; Lieuts Thomas C Birch, H C Roberts, Harman B Hopper, T Hunter Smallpage, Henry Finch, Frederick Paynter, William Davis, C M Fizgerald, R H Price, H W Norman; Ensigns: Arthur Ellis, F A Dickins, C J Nicholson, F John Gully.

Issue of 20 April 1851
Deaths 20 April 1851 Lt Col. Joseph Garner of Hon. East India Coy., died aged 64. 18 April 1851 Rose Georgina, dau. of Col. Markham, of Beccahall, YKS, aged 14. 
18 April 1851 at 13 Weymouth St, Portland place, aged 77 years, Samuel Cox of Broxwood, HEF and of Souldern, OXF.

On 22 April 1851 Bankrupts: A S & G S Breese, Aylsham, NFK, ironmongers; W Newman, Great Chart St, Hoxton. colour manufacturer; J A Riches, Halesworth, SFK, maltster

Scotch Sequestration:  Marshal, Glasgow, baker

Issue of 25 April 1851
Bankrupts: R S Smith, Wish St, Southsea, ironmonger; A Blumenthal, John st, Crutched friars, City, wine merchant; C Snelling, Gracechurch st, City, perfumer; R Brown, Old Broad st, City, auctioneer; J Pearson, Hollies, STS, maltster; R Alexander, Maestag, GLA, maltster; G Sayce, Heywood, LAN, grocer; M Meikle, Liverpool, pawnbroker.

Scotch Sequestrations: J Thomson, Glasgow, spirit dealer; G Wilson & J Martin & J Wilson, Edinburgh, tailors; J Barrowman, Wyflatt & G Barrowman, Airdrie, contractors.

Deaths 20 April 1851: Joseph Garner, aged 64 years.

Issue of 26 April 1851 
p 324 Oldest women, 120 years old, Mary Benton born 12/2/1731 at Keverston, Raby Catle, Durham. Father: Ralph Lodge lived to aged 105. She now lives at Elton near Stockton with her grandson. Christened at Cockfield. Portrait by William Bewick of Haughton Cottage, near Darlington (now property of Robert Fox of Westbourne Terrace, Hyde Park).

p 337 100 paupers from Kenmare workhouse were put on board 'Hotspur' for Quebec (2nd batch of month) by the Guardians of that union.

Bridge across Rochdale Canal in Jersey St, Manchester broke down and Richard Sharples was drowned.

2 convicts, John Cotton 23 years and John Jones 20 years, escaped from Dartmoor. George Carnt convicted for the murder of Elizabeth Bainbridge.

1851 Census Return: College St, Portsea Jane wife, head of family, mangling woman John , husband, turns my mangle

The Editor of the Bangor Mercury says he knows two individuals who are cousins, having the same name, whose fathers were brothers. whose mothers were sisters, and whose wives were sisters. He challenges the whole world for a similar coincidence.

Issue of 29 April 1851
p 357 Bankrupts: F S A France of Lambeth walk, clothier; J C Ridge of Great St Helens, Bishopsgate st, City, wine merchant; C Holthouse, Great Tower st, City, sugar broker; J Bullock, Bristol, innkeeper; J Hill, Saltash, miller; J Taylord, Bradford, YKS, worsted spinner; J Smith, Lincoln, joiner; J Emery, Preston, LAN, inkeeper

Scotch Sequestrations: J Stevenson, Banff, builder; D McCorkle, Glasgow, rope manufacturer; J Gilmon, Auchtermuchty, draper; J Boswell, Barhill, Cumnock, grain dealer.

Issue of 2 May 1851
Bankrupts: W Burrows, Park st, Islington, surgeon; J Woodin, Matilda st, Islington, upholsterer; R Sheppard, Norwich, commission agent; W Artley, North Burton, YKS, miller; W Jackson, Orchard st, Portman sq, painter; W B Harrison, Chorlton upon Medlock, LAN, bleacher; T Clifton & R E Rawle, Bristol, wine & spirit merchants; J M'Murray, Liverpool, merchant.

Scotch Sequestrations: A Dun, Edinburgh, dealer in railway stocks; J M'Gill & J Morris, Glasgow, manufacturers.

Issue of 3 May 1851
p 352 Railway Accident in Sutton Tunnel of the Lancashire & Cheshire Junction Railway Mrs Ridgway of Bolton, killed Mr Leete, of Newton, surgeon, injured Mr Wilson, of Newton, spirit merchant, broken thigh Mrs Lennox of Newton, injured leg Mr Hurry of Newton, compound fracture of leg Mrs Hurry, injured leg Mr H Napier, cut eye Mr Martin, clerk to London and North Western Railway, severely shaken Mr Henderson, manufacturer of York, slightly injured Mr Hughes of Manchester, dyer.

1851 Census Enumerators Mr Roberts of Chelsea also Fletcher, Ives, Oxley, Hallam

p 358 Arthur Oaley of Sulby, Lezayre, Isle of Man, 23 years, 7' 6" high, 21 stone, a Manx farmer mentioned.

p 353 Norwich: Jane Field murdered Patrick Lyons hung at Kirkdale gaol, Liverpool for murdering Margaret Fahy.

At Richmond Petty Sessions: Ebenezer Fernie of Casino, Kew Green summoned under Census Act refused to deliver up the Census.

Joseph Adams of Elenhurst near Lichfield, farmer, struck by electric fluid during storm and killed. His servant William Hall injured.

On Saturday morning several of the labourers in the London Docks were employed in burning about 2 tons of spurious tea which had been seized by the officials of the Dock Company.

Issue of 6 May 1851
Bankruptcy Annulled: W Thompson, Morpeth, NBL, spirit dealer 
Bankrupts: R Edwards, Sudbury, linendraper; W L Martin, Gravesend, ironmonger; G Wheeler, Richmond, SRY, grocer; S Cockerill, Northampton, draper; J Evett, Shiffnall, apothecary; T Pearson, Plympton St Mary, DEV, merchant; F Farrand, Armondbury, fancy cloth manufacturer.

Scotch Sequestrations: D Andrew, Campbeltown, tinsmith; M Smelly, Glasgow, draper; J Gibson, Mulderg, Rossshire, shipowner; J Seivewright, Bridge of Dee near Aberdeen, spirit merchant.

p385 On Sunday morning about 10 o'clock Captain R Maddan, of the brig 'Frowning Beauty', was being rowed on shore from his vessel in the Thames, lying in the Pool, for the purpose of landing at Shadwell, when the boat got foul of a mooring chain and instantly capsized. The apprentice, Robert Hunter, clung to the mooring chain till assistance reached him and he was rescued. Captain Maddan sunk and was drowned.

Issue of 10 May 1851
p 376 The Canterbury Association before departure for New Zealand.

p 378 Visit of emigrants (Colonization Loan Society) to New South Wales to the Great Exhibition. Sailed on the Blundell etc soon after.

p 385 California: Charles James Joseph Richard Halfhead of Bedforshire, shot near Murphy's diggings. (Earlier of Boston.)

p 386 Article on Irish Emigration and the depopulation of Ireland, with illustrations.

p 389 Marriages 25 March 1851: W J Esten Grant to Mary Truscott; 2 April 1851: Vincent John Collier of Moorgate LND to Louisa Venden of Cambridge; 27 March 1851: Thomas Richmond of Salford to Emma Worendon of Manchester

Deaths: 15 April 1851 at Dublin, Clarinda, relict of Peter Burke, of Eton Hall, Tipperary, dau. of the late G Dolphin of Core Castle, Galway. At Tunbridge Wells, Caroline Woolmen, wife of Rev. Daniel Winham, aged 34. 4 May 1851 at Richmond, SRY, 93 years, Ann, relict of Mr James Lloyd, solicitor, formerly of LlanrhiaderynMorhnant, DEN

p389 Henry Agar gaoled for theft of newspapers.

Issue of 13 May 1851
p 421 Bankrupts; A Woods, Great Yarmouth, money scrivener; J Hetherington, High Holborn, grocer; J Harris, Buckingham, boot maker; D Magrath, Georges row, City rd, colour manufacturer; 
T H Butler, Lichfield, ironmonger; J Bannister, Birmingham, general hardware dealer; C Lawes, Chippenham, Wiltshire, merchant; J Radley, Lord st, Oldham, Lancashire, cotton spinner.

Scotch Sequestrations: S Thom, Cowgate, Edinburgh, provision merchant ;A Shaw, Glasgow, provision merchant; R Watson, Cumbernaulde, Dumbartonshire, merchant; T Baird, Bedley, Lanarkshire, carter; J O'Neill, Dumbarton, innkeeper.

Issue of 16 May 1851
Bankrupts: J Cerrito, Mincing Lane, City, merchant; S Grinsted, Brighton, victualler; J Clark, Clarence place, Camberwell, auctionee;r A Tarrant, High Holborn, bookbinder; W H Ayles, Rickmansworth, HRT, builder; G Dodson, Neath, Glamorgan, painter; C Bond, Tiverton & Bath, tanner; A Y Barrett, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, engineer; J Holden, Salford, Lancashire, licensed victualler.

Scotch Sequestrations: W Thomson, Athelsteneford, Haddingtonshire, grocer; R Dickson, Crawfordjohn, Lanarkshire, carrier; R Leyes, Aberdeen, cartwright & merchant; T & A Oliver, Falkirk, seedsmen.

Deaths On 11 May 1851, aged 75, Ann, wife of Mr Thomas Carey, formerly landlord of Falcon Inn, Wottonunder Edge, died. On same day, aged 37, Mary Eliza, wife of Mr G H Minet, present landlord of the Falcon Inn, aforesaid. 3 May 1851 George Mavor Hacket, Esq. of Beaumont st, Mile End, of apoplexy, 60 years.

Issue of 17 May 1851
p413: Violent Highway robbery: Hitchin Turnpike Rd, 4 miles from Bedford, on a Mr Peacock of Wilhamstead, attacked by a robber. Mr D W Wisson of Hartford, Connecticutt, USA robbed at Great Exhibition.

p 417 Man and wife name Barcrofts living at Hague in Mottramin Longdendale, Manchester, arrested for suspicion of murder of their child for burial money.

p 417 Emigration from Rhymrey, Blaenarvon and Blaina, South Wales to the U.S.

p 420 Capt. Paulet Henry Somerset of Coldstream Guards charged with having horse whipped Police Constable Griffin.

William Faulkner injured by machinery at Cannons Marsh, Bristol.

Enquiry into train accident reported on p 352 of 3 May Issue.

p 421 The Canterbury Colonists. (Ships:Bangalore, Dominion, Duke of Portland, Lady Nugent, Midlothian, Canterbury) Illustration on p 422.

On 20 May Bankrupts: W Page, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk grocer; J G Cossaigne, 12a Salisbury St, Strand wine merchant; J F Freake, 11 Hampstead St, Fitzroy sq, licensec victualler; D Gideon, The Minories and Uxbridge, clothier; J R Dowson, 123 Oxford st, furnishing ironmonger; J E M Cabe, late of Parliament sq, Westminster, lithographic printer; C Bond of Twerton near Bath and of Bath, tanner; J Jones, Gaerwen, Anglesea, ironmonger; J M Namee of Manchester, manufacturing chemist; T S Dobinson, Tynemouth, NBL, banker. 

Scotch Sequestrations: G Currie, Glasgow merchant; J Mackay, Glasgow, boot and shoe maker; W Hume, Glasgow, grocer.

Issue date not noted in error:

Births: 23 June 1851 at 18 Alpha Rd, Regents Park, Walter C Metcalfe, a son.

Marriages: 21 June 1851 Francis, youngest son of Lovell Byass of Cuckfield, to Lucy, eldest daughter of late Dr Ronald of Primrose Hill House, Warwickshire.

Death:  20 June at Vicars Cross, Cheshire, George Tohest of spasmodic gout, 54 years.

Issue 28 June:

p.621 Bankrupts on 24 June: A Patten, Chappel, Esex, horsedealer; W Davies, Walbrook, coal merchant; W Hanson, Kensington canal basin, Warwick Rd, mason; J Sowerby, Oxford St, silk mercer; J Benton, Whitehorse St, Stepney, corn-merchant; A B Granville, Wembley, near Harrow on the Hill, & Piccadilly, boarding house keeper; T G Tidey, Rugby, Warks, bookseller.

Scotch Sequestrations:
A Drysdale, Edinburgh, cloth warehouseman; W Thompson, Edinburgh, writer;  J Campbell, Rothsay, joiner.

Bankrupts on 27 June: J Murray, Sheerness, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, builder; J Ballinghall, Edward St, Portman Square, pianoforte maker; J Walpole, Northwold, Norfolk, money scrivener; T Allom, Regent St, bookseller;  W Bridges, Whittlesea, Cambs, farmer; I Boyd, Spitalfield Square, silk manufacturer; T G Tidey, Rugby, Warks, stationer; J Price & J Lavender, Birmingham, dealers; J N Carpenter, Eardisland, Herefordshire, miller;  W Tucker, jun., Kingston of Hull, coal merchant; H Matheson, Liverpool, merchant; W Garrow, Bootle, Lancs, merchant; J Owen, Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, flannel manufacturer; T Edwards, Liverpool, basket manufacturer; W Whitehead, Lancaster, cabinet maker.

Issue of July 5:

p. 7 Fatal boiler explosion at Goods station, London & North Western Railway, Edgehill, Liverpool.

p.11 Wife of William Salisbury, labourer, village near Coventry, triplets, three girls.

Matthews, a glazier, of Walton on the Wolds, appeared before Melton magistrates charged with witchcraft.

p.14 Thomas Cross, destitute farmer, went to a daughters house at Warton, Westmorland, to ask for a home and was turned away. Drowned himself in canal.

p.15: Bankrupts 1 July: O Sparrow, Aldgate High St, grocer & tea dealer; F W Saunders, Thame, Oxon, harness maker; L Thomas, Bristol, grocer; J Hervey, Halifax, stock & share broker.

Scotch Sequestrations: W Hunter, Bonny Rigg, Edinburgh, grocer; J White, Cumbernauld, Dunbartonshire, builder; J Meiklejohn, Edinburgh, writer; P Cassiday, Dundee, broker; 

Bankrupts 4 July: R Gray, Edward St, Hampstead Rd, pianoforte maker; J S Ellis, Aldgate, tailor; T Ross, Strangeways, Manchester, furniture dealer; G Collins & G T Rose, Bewdley & Wribbenhall, Worcs & Aldermanbury, City, carpet manufacturers.

Births: 30 June John Hare, Clifton Park, Clifton, a son.

Issue July 12:

p.55 John Hogan, 20 years, of 28 Plumtree Court, Holborn, inquest.

Issue August 2 1951:

p 146: Article on the Census
p.146 Canterbury Colonists at Port Lyttelton, Port Victoria.
p.147: Last Saturday morning one of the large houses in Duke Street, immediately to the rear of Tooley Street, belonging to Mr Alderman Humphrey, whose premises in the locality adjoining were lately burned down. House occupied by Messrs J Wynn & Co, boot & shoe makers.

Issue date not noted in error

July 28 Bankrupts: H M Arliss & E Tucker, Frith St, Soho Square, Middlesex, printers; J Brown, Deal, merchant; R Mitchell, Walthamstow, Essex, baker; J H May, Brecknock Terrace, Camden Town; T E Slate, Kingshead Court, City & Hatton Garden, bookbinder; J Short,  of Weedon Beck, Northamptonshire, wine & spirit merchant; M Beart, Upwell, Norfolk, brickmaker; E G Cuff, Lister, hotel keeper; J McDuff, late of Bryn Mawr, Brecknockshire, auctioneer.

Scotch Sequestrations:
J McGrew, Gorsbridge, merchant; H Fergus, Leven, Edinburgh, brick, tile & earthenware manufacturer; J Brown, Aberdeen, linen draper; J White, Airdrie, tailor; J M'Cavan, Lowesmuir, Ayrshire, farmer; W Craig, Newmilnes, spirit dealer; J Harvey, Glasgow, merchant.

19th ult. wife of Martin Kirwin Blake, Esqi, Hampstead, co. Galway, a daughter.
24th ult. wife of Rev'd Robert Baker of a daughter.
25 wife of Rev'd George S Woodgate, a daughter

Saturday 26th ult. at St Peter's, Cornhill, Robert L Evans, Esq., of Highgate to Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr J D Browning of Gracechurch Street, City.
19th ult Richard Sutton, Esq. of Skeffington Hall, Leics, son of Sir Richard Sutton, Bart., to Harriet Ann daughter of  the late William FitzWilliam Burton, Esq., of Burton Hall, co. Carlow, Ireland.

29 July Bankrupts:
E Herring, Trinity St, Southwark, manufacturieng chemist; J Limbird,  Strand, stationer; R Keeping, Ryde, IoW, watchmaker; W Levi, Whites Row, Spitalfields, macaroni manufacturer;  A Hinton, Portsmouth, stationer; E Davis, Northampton, currier; T Irlam & V Wanostrocht and now W, as in last Gazette, Liverpool, bankers; R Heath, W Welch & J Barber, ironmaster, Tunstall; T J King, Stourport, Worcs, innkeeper; D Phillips, Cardiff, Linen draper; Betsy Daw, Lumborne Mills, near Tavistock, miller; J Searle, Brixham, Devon, builder.

Scotch Sequestrations:
A Edmund, Edinburgh, stockbroker; J Cochran, Largs; J Allan, Glasgow, oil merchant; R Ross, Port Leich, Ross-shire, farmer; A R Levy & W Paton, Glasgow, manufactureres.

Bankrupts August 5: E A Wynne & J Lumsden, East St, Manchester Square, Builders; T Marriott, Leyton Buzzard, Beds, seed merchant; G Stringer, Chamber St, Goodmans Fields, wholesale Italian warehouse & export oilman; E P Quadling, Greyfriars, Worcs & Ipswich, Railway carriage builder & ironfounder; G Matthews, Paternoster Row, Bookbinder & bookseller; J Luscombe, Salter Mill, Landulph, Miller.

Scotch Squestrations: T Roberts, Fountain Bridge, Edinburgh, Millmaster & grain dealer;  G Stewart, Haghill, in or near Glasgow, distiller; D Drummond, Glasgow, wholesale provision merchant; D Drummond, Glasgow, wine & spirit merchant.

Bankruptcy annulled: R Briscoe, Liverpool, draper.

Bankrupts Aug 8: S Churchill, Crisp St, Poplar & T Claydon, St Thomas Rd, Mile End, Builders; J Cundell, Old Bond St, publisher; J Beaumont, Leman St, Whitechapel, engineer; H Hayes, Regent St & Stafford Row, draper; I Isaacs, Swan St, Minories, jeweller; W E Follett, Chenies Place, Somerstown, carver & guilder; J Franckeiss, Portsea & Landport, South., woollen draper; J Parkins, Cheapside, City, clothier; W Speak, Halifax, Yorkshire, snuff manufacturer; 

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