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24 May to 9 August 1851

Issue of 24 May 1851

p 441 Railway Accident: Midland Railway, Claycross, near Chesterfield. Mr Leynell of Tapton, dead; Mr Blake of Sheffield, dead; Mr Tennant, U.S., slightly bruised; Mrs Tennant, U.S., fractured thigh; Mr Allan, Derby, broken arm; Mr Bennett, Chesterfield, knee and leg injured; Mr Broadbent of Sheffield, bruised; Mr Horncastle of Sheffield, bruised; Mr Ashworth, Sheffield, bruised; Mr Ward, U.S., head injured; Mr Beebe, U.S., head injured; Mr Blacklock, Dumfries, head injured; Mr Blacklock, Dumfries, leg fractured; Mr John Todhunter, Dublin, both legs broken; Mr Joshua Todhunter of Dublin, injured shoulder blade; Rev. Hathie, ankle and leg severely injured; Mr Fox of Chesterfield, injured; Mrs Meynell, slightly bruised on head; James Ainsworth, porter, railway company employee, seriously injured.

 17 May 1851 to wife of Henry William Fuller, M.D., a dau; 
16 May 1851 to wife of Rev. Thomas Gronow, a son; 
17 May 1851 to wife of Rev. F A S Marshall, a son; 
20 May 1851 to wife of Rev. Osmond Carey of Castle Carey, Guernsey, a son; 
18 May 1851 at 7 Priory terrace, Dover to wife of Rev. Tomas W G Briggs, a daughter; 
4 May 1851 at Uckfield, to wife of Mr Alexander Cheale, junr., a son

13 May 1851: J Duncan M'Andrew to Emily Cammiler
15 May 1851: Rev. William Greenwell to Jane Blow of Goodmanham; 
13 May 1851: John Davis Sherston of Storberry Park, Somerset to Innes Eliza Hamilton Maxwell.

15 May 1851 Harriet, relict of late Col. Andrew Glass, aged 77; 
1 May 1851   Edward Cadogan, aged 52; 
19 May 1851 Eliza Mary Bidwell Edwards
17 May 1851 Dr Edward Clarke Baker, aged 48; 
18 May 1851 Elizabeth wife of T T Fallows, of Belgrave sq; 
22 May 1851 John Johnson of Manor Farm, Highgate, 18y On 23 May 1851

Bankruptcy Annullments: T Bagg, Aston, WAR, publican.

Bankrupts: J Hucks, Rotherhithe, SRY, cooper; J Bavin, Wisbeach, CAM, draper; S E R Jones, Wrockwardine, SAL, apothecary; G Machin, Dudley, WOR, spade manufacturer; J Wilkinson, NTT, brace manufacturer; E W Reilly, Bath & Bathampton, SOM, livery stable keeper; W G H Taunton, Liverpool, civil engineer.

Scotch Sequestrations: W Wanless, Edinburgh, grocer.

p 453 Fire at Rose & Crown Public House, Loves lane, Lower Thames st. Occupier: Richard Harvey, died. Mentioned: P C Trinder; Abraham Clark, a young man, lodger, died; Elizabeth Chambers, servant girl, escaped, injured; Mrs Harvey, wife of landlord visiting with friends; Mrs Elizabeth Grey (Mrs Harveys mother) died; Bradley & Storks, firemen.

p 465 Utah and the Mormons from 'The St Louis Daily Journal'

On 27 May 1851 Bankruptcy Annulled R Ellis, Richmond st, Soho, carpenter; R Jackson, Selby, YKS, tanner.

Bankrupts: D Burberry, Newdigate, SRY, wood dealer; F Rodbard, Croydon, SRY, schoolmaster; C Chaplin, Sudbury, SFK, printer; W Watson, Salisbury crt, Fleet st, City, licensed victualler; W L B Granville, Red Lion sq, agricultural implement maker; R Moore, Sun Tavernfields, St George in East, and Ashchurch villas, New rd, Hammersmith, commercial agent; R Craig, Brynmawr, Brecknockshire, draper; J Cobb, Preston, LAN, innkeeper

Scotch Sequestrations: A Campbell, Beauly, INV, grocer; J Hill, Birkenhead, Glasgow, metal broker; J Gow, Edinbirgh, grain merchant; W Leitch, Crieff, banker; W Lutted, Glasgow, musical instrument maker; W Smith, Edinburgh, tailor.

On 30 May 1851 Bankrupts: J H Hunt, Silver st, City, warehouseman; G Courthope, Paradise row, Rotherhithe, coal merchant; J Clark, Exeter, builder; R Cleaver, Stretton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire timber dealer; W H Bond, Stafford, wine merchant; R Hortop, Moricetown, DEV, innkeeper; D I Wyatt & E Underwood, Bristol, hat manufacturers; J Scott & J Scott, junr., North Shields, ship owner; R Mayor, Bolton le Moors, Lancashire

Scotch Sequestrations: Mrs Janet Gilchrist or Marshal, deceased, Edinburgh.

p 485 Births:
25 April 1851 Cincinatti, Ohio, U.S.A.. to wife of Charles Edward Ibbetson Rider, a son; 
28 May 1851 to wife of J S Mackintosk, M.D., of 8 Wilton place, Belgrave sq., a son.

 21 May 1851: James Hewitt eldest son of Rev. John P Hewitt
24 May 1851 Mary, widow of Rev. James Hogg, 68 years; 
25 May 1851 William Brewater Twining, of Strand, London, 
30y; 24 May 1851 General Eden, aged 83 years. 31 May 1851

p 481 W B Boxall of Stopham Farm. John Lyth fined at York 7 June 1851

p509 At Chester Assizes: Thomas Smith, J Feehan, James Haggarty and Matthew Griffin convicted of riot at Birkehead.

Fishing: Mr Watson Tyson of Hawkeshead, trolling in Westmoreland caught a 20 lb pike.

Richard Burnet, draper of Piazza, Covent Garden presented money to children of St Paul's Charity School, Covent Garden to allow them to visit Crystal Palace.

On Sunday evening Mr Drew (brother of Mr Drew, dentist of St James) residing at Chatham crossed the rails at Woolwich station and was struck by a train and killed.

On Saturday afternoon M Schweitzer, a Swiss of Jermyn st was thrown from his horse and injured.

The farmhouse occupied by Mr Crocker at Dumpton caught fire.

Robbery on Saturday at 2 Wilton terrace, Belgrave sq.

Money was stolen from Messrs Knight & Co., soap boilers of Old Gravel lane.

Fatal river accidents: 
On Tuesday, Capt. Artus of the brig 'Melbourne', lying in Bugsby's Hole, in attempting to ascend the side, missed his hold, fell into the water and was drowned. Almost at the same time (12 o'clock) Capt. Downie of the ship 'Mentor' lying off Stone stairs, Wapping, fell overboard and perished.

About 3 o'clock pm a boat containing two men and a woman was swamped at Alderman stairs. The men were saved but the female, Mrs Coghlan residing in Old Gravel lane was drowned.

Issue date not noted in error

On 3 June 1851: Banruptcy Superceded: J White, Birmingham, hay and straw dealer

Bankrupt: S G Quartemaine, Eaton mews, West Pimlico, horsedealer; E Pepper, Threadneedle st, City, licensed victualler; J Harvey, Gravesend, timber merchant; R C Pauling, Great Percy st, Pentonville, railway contractor; G J Webb, Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, coal merchant; T Slater & J Paton, Salford, cotton spinners; H Coates, Birmingham, draper; R Thompson, Derby, woollen draper; W Hamley, Clifton, Bristol, builder D Johnstone, Manchester, innkeeper; E Nicholson, York, tailor.

On 6 June 1851 Bankrupt: E Leech, Chichester, apothecary; J Hincks, Warwick, grocer; H Black, Nottingham, lace maker; J Jackson, Scarborough, jeweller; J Greenhalgh, Radcliffe Bridge, Lancashire, draper; A Burn, Sackville st, Piccadilly, 8 Pancras vale, tailor

 28 May 1851 to wife of Rev. C W Maude, a son; 
1 June 1851 to wife of H Pole Carew, M.P., a daughter; 
28 May 1851 to Mrs W Denman, a daughter; 
31 May 1851 to wife of Rev. H Charles Rawley, a son.

29 May 1851 Rev. Thomas Hawkes, assistant chaplain of the Convict Establishment, Portland, to Ann Weston Fowler of Weymouth. (daughter of the late John Flew
2 June 1851 Edward Thompson David Harrison of Welshpool to Emily Anne Barlow Deedes, widow of Edward Deedes.

3 May 1851: Mabel Grace, 2nd daughter of Rev. G G Stonestreet, 28y; 
20 April 1851 Rev. John Irvine of Genoa; 
25 April 1851 Julia Louisa, wife of Rev. G A Lamb
28 April 1851 Catherine, wife of Maj. T H Tidy, (formerly Maister). June 14 1851

p 548 Loss of the 'Mary White' Sydney packet-ship, en route Sydney to London.

p553 Article on Philanthropic School, Redhill with illustration. Sending emigrants to Port Philipp and New Brunswick.

p 556 Duel between Lt. S M Hawkin of 97th Foot and Visc. Maldon. Attendants: E L Denys & Capt. Browning. No-one injured.

p557 The number of deaths assigned to smallpox is 16 yet nearly all of these have occurred under 3 years of age. This is not more than the average mortality for smallpox in the metropolis generally. Mr Hems, a registrar of Whitechapel, reports that the disease is exceedingly prevalent and fatal in Charlotte Court, situated in his sub district and that '5 children had died there in the last three weeks and many other are now suffering'.

p 557 Fatal Railway Accident 2 miles from Lewes. Engine driver: Samuel Jackson, died and left wife and 2 young children; Also dead: Mrs Chatsfield 73 years; Miss Chatsfield (daughter) 33 years; Mr A Langhorne, 30 years identified by brother Mr John H Langhorne, of 12 Warwick place, Grove lane, Camberwell and brother in law, Mr Mitchell, of 6 Warwick place, Grove lane, Camberwell. 

p 557 Fatal Boiler explosion at Mr Braine's colliery, Kingswood, 7 miles from Bristol. Those dead Francis Burnet, 64 years; W Burchell and John Curchell, junr, sons of the engineer; Daniel Mountain; James Ricketts; Joseph Long, bailiff of pit; Samuel Bryant; John Burchell, engine driver.

Ryde magistrate's bench committed Alfred Pressley to Winchester Assizes for manslaughter of Mr Cole on polling day on Isle of Wight.

This week the death of two centenarians are returned. The particulars in either case are registered as follows. At 103 at Heath Street, Mile End Old Town, on 4 June, a superannuated officer of Customs died at the old age of 103 years. At Weaver's Alms Houses, Old Street Road, Shoreditch, on 1 June, the widow of a salesman died of natural decay at the age of 100 years.

On 19 June 1851 Bankrupts: W Smith, Westhill grove, Wandsworth, timber dealer; S Ratcliffe, Aldham., SFK, miller; H Marten, Lewes, SSX, draper; J Dummelow, Fenchurch st, broker; L D Smith, Little Knightrider st, City, calenderer; J T Hall, Northwick, CHS, bookseller; W Glazier, Bristol, grocer; S & J Hey, Colne, LAN, manufacturers. 

Scotch Sequestrations: A Galoway, Glasgow, merchant; D Stewart, Inverness, silk mercer; J D & T M'Lean, Dundee, cabinet makers; J Glass, Newburgh, Fifeshire, spirit dealer.

On 13 June 1851: Bankrupts: S Ratcliff (not Ratcliffe), Aldham, SFK, miller; C Moody, Goswell rd, Clerkenwell, pork butcher; J M Wood, Barbican, victualler; J Walters, Great Rider st, St James, licensed victualler; J Meldrum, Oakey terrace, Chelsea, builder; J Latham, Howland st, Fitzroy sq, pianoforte maker; T Fisher, Gower st, Bedford sq & Tottenham st, Tottenham Court rd, pianoforte maker; W Clipson, Sellers st & Egerton st, Chester, builder; B Whittaker & J Fullalove, Ancoats, Lancashire, manufacturers.

Scotch Sequestrations: R Crane, Old Monteland, Lanarkshire, grocer; J Stephen, Glasgow, architect; T Binney, Burnside of Carse, Forfarshire, grazier; J Lawson, Dundee, merchant.

8 June 1851 at Burghfield, BRK, to wife of R B Atkinson, a son.

Married 29 May 1851 Rev Henry Dampier Phelps, Birling, Kent to Frances Jane Brown. 7 June 1851 Arthur Rolls of Camden sq to Caroline Baxter of Longacre, London..

Hannah, 2nd dau. of John Caisler, Boston, Lincolnshire.

Wills: John Clancy of Reading and Turnstile, LND, died April 1850. Left: 25,000.

21 June 1851 Robbed: Mr Friers, Denmark Hill; Mr Elwes, the Manor House, High St, Peckham; Mr Cooks, Manor Place, Walworth; Mr Hetzler, 1 Henry's Cottages, Park rd, Peckham.

p 585 Inquest on Railway Accident reported on 14 June 1851.

p 580 Liverpool Police Court: John Smith and W J Chew committed for trial for swindling. Defrauded: Mr Peter Wilson.

On 17 June 1851 Bankruptcy Annulled: W C Gazeley, Gloucester rd, Kentish Town. Builder.

Bankrupts: H Mills, Lynn, NFK, glover; M Common, North Shields, Northumberland, grocer; T G Phillips, Newport, Monmouthshire, grocer; S W Isherwood, Kingston upon Hull, woollen draper; W H Edward, Leeds, hosier; T Dixon, Bradford, Yorkshire, iron merchant.

Scotch Sequestrations: W Campbell & Co., Glasgow, contractors; J Mather, Gorbals, Glasgow cattle dealer.

On 20 June 1851 Bankruptcy Annulled: Catherine Lawes, Chippenham, Wiltershire, innkeeper.

Bankrupts: J Bartlett, Upper Thames St, wine merchant; J Hunt, Edgware rd, draper; J P Whitmore, Hackney, draper; J Whitfield & G J Whitfield, Lambs Conduit st, cheesemongers; T Fitch, Chester place, Kennington, Surrey, commission agent; T Mills, Painswick, Gloucestershire, builder; W Wilson, Bristol, linen draper; C Collins, Kidderminster & Aldermanbury, City, carpet manufacturer.

 At Bathwick Hill, Bath to the wife of W H Breton a son.

7 June 1851 William Parker, youngest son of the late Joseph Parker of Middleton in Teesdale to Ann Harris of Barnard Castle; 
7 June 1851 East Stower, DOR. John Hunt of Highbridge, to Mary Ann, eldest dau. of the late Joseph Evett of LND.

10 June 1851 John Gibson, Middleton in Teesdale, brother of the late Ralph Gibson, innkeeper of Camberwell; 
On Saturday last, at LEI, 25 years, Maria wife of Henry Nicholson, Professor of Music; 
14 June 1851 William Matthews only son of W. Grainger of New Brentford, aged 37 years; 
14 June 1851 Edward George Bernard, M.P., aged 73.

28 June 1851 p 618:  Luke Blyth, engine-man and Stanley Dennis, fireman, both of North Shields, from steam tug 'Queen', drowned.

p 609 Benjamin Sears, Town Clerk of Tunbridge Wells absconded with funds.

p 617 Working on Blackfriars Bridge repairs, John Phelps fell and was killed.

p 618 Irish Political Exiles and Chartists, from Saunders News Letters (Dublin). 
Communication dated 27 February 1851 from William C Gray: References to M/S Mitchell, and Martin living at Bothwell, 40 miles from Hobart Town. Mrs Mitchell and children soon expected. Mr Meagher was married to Miss Bennett. M'Manus, O'Dogherty and O'Dohonue sent to Port Arthur but later released. M'Manus went to Launceston. Frost (book-keeper to grocer), Williams (sinking mineshafts near Hobart Town) and Jones (keeping watchmakers shop near Launceston), the Chartists, also mentioned.

p 620 Edward Burch injured during fire at Hibernia Wharf, Southwark.

Report on Meteor. Remarkable Meteor A luminous meteor of a very beautuful appearance was seen from the London and Blackwall Extension Railway of Sunday night. the 22nd instant, about 11 o'clock between the Stepney and Bow stations.

On 24 June Bankrupts: A Patten, Chappel, Essex, horse dealer; W Davies, Walbrook, coal merchant; W Hanson, Kensington canal basin, Warwick rd, mason; J Sowerby, Oxford st, silk mercer; J Benton, Whitehorse st, Stepney, corn merchant; A B Granville, Wembley, near Harrow on the Hill, & Piccadilly, boarding house keeper; T G Tidy, Rugby, WAR, bookseller.

Scotch Sequestrations: A Drysdale, Edinburgh, cloth warehouseman; W Thompson, Edinburgh, writer; J Campbell, Rothsay, joiner.

On 27 June Bankrupts: J Murray, Sheerness, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, builder; J Ballinghall, Edward st, Portman sq, pianoforte maker; J Walpole, Northwold, Norfolk, money scrivener; J Allom, Regent st, bookseller; W Bridges, Whittlesea, Cambridgeshire, farmer; I Boyd, Spital sq, silk manufacturer; T G Tidey, Rugby, Warwickshire, stationer; J Price & J Lavender, Birmingham, dealers; J N Carpenter, Eardisland, Herefordshire, miller; W Tucker, jun., Kingston on Hull, coal merchant; H Matheson, Liverpool, merchant; W Garrow, Bootle, Lancashire, merchant; J Owen, Welshpool, Montgomershire, flannel manufacturer; T Edwards, Liverpool, basket manufacturer; W Whitehead, Lancaster, cabinet maker.

23 June at 18 Alpha rd, Regents Park, to wife of Walter C Metcalfe, a son.

21 June 1851 Francis, youngest son of Lovell Byass of Cuckfield to Lucy, eldest daughter of the late Dr Ronald of Primrose Hill House, WAR.

20 June 1851: At Vicars cross, CHS, George Tolliot of spasmodic gout, 54y.

p 624 Article on 1851 Census.

p 627/8 Illustration and article on Teignmouth.

p 630 Letter from James Cuthill, Camberwell.

p 633 Book Extract (including 3 illustrations) on book about Mormons.

Issue 5 July 1851

p 2 Brief article on Irish Census.

p 7 Fatal Boiler Explosion at Goods station Lnd & N.W. Railway, Edgehill, Liverpool.

p 11 Wife of William Salisbury, labourer, village near Coventry, had triplets, 3 girls.

p 11 Mr Phizaclea of Pennington near Ulverston.

p 11 Matthews, glazier of Walton on the Wolds, appeared before Melton magistrates charged with witchcraft.

p 14 Thomas Cross, destitute farmer, went to daughter's house at Warton, WES, to ask for a home and was turned away. Drowned himself in the canal.

p 14 P C Duggan in Liverpool attacked.

On 1 July 1851 Bankrupts: O Sparrow, Aldgate High st, grocer and tea dealer; F W Saunders, Thame, OXF, harness maker; L Thomas, Bristol, grocer; J Hervey, Halifax, stock & sharebroker.

Scotch Sequestrations: W Hunter, Bonny Rigg, Edinburgh, grocer; J White, Cumbernauld, Dumbartonshire, builder; J Meiklejohn, Edinburgh, writer; P Cassiday, Dundee, broker.

On 4 July Bankrupts: R Gray, Edward st, Hampstead rd, pianoforte maker; J S Ellis, Aldgate, tailor; T Ross, Strangeways, Manchester, furniture dealer; G Colins & G T Rose, Bewdley & Wribbenhall, WOR, & Aldermanbury, City, carpet manufacturers.

30 June 1851 to the wife of John Hare, Clifton Park, Clifton, a son.

San Francisco Fire and Earthquake report with illustrations.

Issue of 12 July 1851

p 44 William Ball of Hersehay, Shropshire (known as John Bull).

p 47 Edward Cheshire, London, Christian Child, London, Alexander Colvin, London, James Meikle, Edinburgh, Henry Thomason, jun, Aberdeen all passed exams.

p 47 Fire at Hurst Mill. Premises occupied by R Cooke and Mr Cooper, cotton manufacturer. Mr Hegginbottom, bobbin turner.

p 47 Explosion at Mr George Dudleys colliery at Five Ways, Cradley, WOR.

p 55 Inquest on John Hogan, 20y, of 28 Plumytree crt, Holborn.

On 8 July Bankruptcy: Annulled R Tredinnick, Threadneedle st, mining agent; W Gee, Murray st, Hoxton, straw hat manufacturer.

On 4 July Bankrupts: J Hall, Brighton, hotel keeper; B Tedd, Coventry, cotton dresser; R Croom, Downend, Gloucestershire, butcher; W Kendall & J Standish, Leeds, grocer; J Howell, Liverpool, bookseller; J Allmand, Wrexham, haberdasher; J Monkman, Oldham, cotton spinner; J Chew, Manchester, snuff manufacturer. 

Letter: S D Goff, Horeton House, Foulkes Mill, New Ross, Wexford.

p 66 Census of Ireland

19 July 1851 Aged 102 Sarah Goode, formerly Parsons, at Stoneleigh, died aged 102. Born: 10 Feb 1749 at Shuttlehill, Berkswell, WAR. Youngest of twelve. Married in 1781 to Thomas Goode who died in 1828.

p 75 Report on fire of San Francisco and illustration.

Fire at premises of Mr Downing, a bonnet maker and milliner, at 12 Cross st, Blackfriars rd.

p 83 George Fisher, late of Cardiff police, arrested for burglary at Holyhead. Escaped from custody on train.

p 87 Further report on M'Manus from Van Diemens Land.

Mr Rapsey, builder of Truro. Thomas Grylls of Helston. Boating Accident at Windemere. Walker, Thompson, Lyon, Garnett drowned.

Fatal Steam-engine accident at saw manufactury of John Davenport, Rockingham st, Sheffield. Engine tenter, Richard Robertshawe, Daniel Wilkins, John Crookes injured.

page 74 Obituary: 
Edward Quillanan
. Died after a few days illness living between Ambleside and Rydal. Married 4 February 1817 Jemima Anne Deborah Brydges, second dau of the late Sir Egerton Brydges, who died in an accident 24 6 1822 and married secondly only dau of William Wordsworth. Early in life Edward Quillanan was a cavalry officer.

Bequest by the late: Abraham G H Battersby banker of Gloucester to Miss Mary Bennion of Nantwich, Chester Miss Mary Price of Fryerning, Essex

p 75 Item about baptism of the son and heir of John Harvey of Ickwellbury, Bedfordshire and Finingley Park, Yorkshire.

p 75 Recent fire at San Francisco

p 79 Church Appointments: 
Rev. J W Nott
was appointed to vicarage of St Saviours, Leeds; 
Rev. William Harley
to Steventon, Berkshire; 
Rev Henry Dale
to East Stoke with Codington, Syerston and Elston, Nottinghamshire; 
Rev James Reece Nott
to Braithewell, Yorkshire; 
Rev. Richard Surtees,
St Augustine, Bristol.

On 11 July Bankrupts: T E Southey, Fleet St, advertising agent; W Taylor and J Wylde, Wood St, Cheapside and Locks Fields, Walworth, mop manufacturers; T Barber, Cambridge, book seller; E Thompson, Reading, Berkshire, brush Maker; S Street, Devizes, Wiltshire, shoemaker; W Ayres, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, grocer; F Clark, Haws, YKS, wine & spirit merchant; R Brumwell, Halifax, Yorkshire, draper; W E Johnson, New Wharf, Little Abingdons St, Westminster, coal merchant; J Murray, Gresham St, City, woollen warehouseman; W Williams, Ashford, Kent, builder; H & F Rufford of  Stourbridge, Worcestershire, bankers; P & F Rufford, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, bankers; J Hoyle and T Hoyle, Salford, cotton manufacturers; J Pownell and J Youil, Manchester, brewers.

 Scotch Sequestrations: A Snodgrass, Glasgow, grain merchant; J Paterson, Oban, builder; A Shiels, East Linton, Hadingtonshire, merchant; G Lays, Aberdeen, brewer

On 15 July Bankrupts: W Atley, Hanwell, Middlesex, market gardener; H G Harrison, Kings Rd, Hoxton Old Town, wheelwright; T Ward, Stoke Prior, Worcestershire, coal merchant; R D Mercer, Church Passage, Spital Sq, Bishopsgate St without, silk merchant ;R Willing, Ashburton, Devonshire, miller; B Baylis, Gloucester, wool stapler; R Budgen, LLanhiheth, Monmouthshire, iron founder; T E Williams, Exeter, wine merchant; J Teace and T Peate, Oswestry, SAL, drapers; J Bisby, LLanrbarade-yu -Mochnant, Denbighshire, draper; I Wakefield, Liverpool, tea dealer; H Kay, R Kay and W Kay, Heywood, LAN, cotton spinners; S & J Joule, Macclesfield and Rainow, CHS, ribbon manufacturers

Scotch Sequestrations: R Hope, Glasgow, wine merchant; J Stewart and M Sinclair, Glasgow, wrights; J Alexander, Edinburgh, gent

On the 10th inst. at Bath, the wife of Randall Wilbraham Faulkner, of that city, M.D. a daughter. On the 10th inst. the wife of Revd. H L Guidebaud of a son who survivevd his birth by only a few hours. 
On the 12th inst. the Lady Mary Hope Wallace of a daughter. 
On the 12th inst. at Catton Hall, DBY, the lady of the Hon. Robert Curzon, jun., of a son an heir. On the 12th inst. at Chryston Rectory, near Weston super Mare, the wife of Revd. Septimas Hope, of a son.
June 29th the wife of John Hare, Clifton Park, Clifton, a son. 
On the 11th inst. at Worthing near Brighton, the lady of Lieut. Robert Wilcox, R.N. of a daughter On the 9th inst. at 14 William St, Albert Gate, Mrs Francis Joseph Cresswell, of a daughter.

3rd inst. Cornelius O'Callaghan, Esq., of Wimborne to Cordelia Charlotte Davies, eldest dau. of the Revd Wm Davies Rector of LLangynidr.
On the 10th inst William eldest son of William Simpson of Mitcham to Winifred 6th dau of the late Sir Edward Mostyn, Bart.
On the 12th inst Robert Hall Appleyard, Esq., barrister of Lincolns Inn to Charlotte Matilda only surviving child of the Revd William Stamer, DD Rector of St Saviours, Bath and grand-daughter of the late Sir Wm Stamer of the Co. of Clare, Bart.
On the 12th inst the Revd Walter de Vear of Goudhurst Kent 2nd son of John de Vear esq, The Close, Norwich, to Sarah the 2nd dau William John Bayes, Esq., of Clacton Sq. On the 9th inst at Great Paxton Church Thomas Woryche Stansfeld of Leeds to Marion eld dau of Edward Towgood of Paxton Hill, HUN.
On the 15th inst at Wistanstow, SAL the Revd J Mackie, Curate of Swinefleet, Yorkshire to Hannah Maria Elns dau of the incumbent of that place.
July 16 at St Johns, Nottingham, John Fredrick Durant son of John Durant Esq of Poole, Dorsetshire to Elizabeth dau of the late William Hanley, Esq of Maryland, Point Hse, Essex.
On 16th July Thomas Milled Riddell, Esq. only son of Sir James Miles Riddell , Bart of Ardhamurchan, Argyllshire to Mary Ann eld dau of John Hodgson of St Petersburgh.
On the 14th inst at St Oswalds Church Chester Mr James Bancroft, station master, Limekiln Lane near Birkenhead to Miss Susannah Fleetcroft of Chester.

On the 5th of May , Commander James Henry Johnston, R.N. Comptroller of Government Steamers, HEICS, aged 63.
On the 12th inst. Eliza beloved wife of Thomas Spalding, Esq. after a short illness aged 33. On the 12th inst. Caroline 2nd dau of Lieut-General Carey aged 37.
On the 11th inst. Theodore H A Fielding Professor of Civil Drawing at the Hon. E. I. Companys Military Seminary , Addiscombe, aged 70.
On the 13th inst. Catherine Rose the eldest child of Revd. Upton Richards aged 15.
On the 14th inst. Rackheath Hall, NFK Sir Edward Stracey, Bart, in his 83rd year .

Royal Agricultural Society of England Meeting at Windsor. 
Judges awards for Stock: Thomas Wetherell, Kirkbridge, near Darlington, York; John Kirkham of Hagnaby, near Spilsby, Lincolnshire; Thomas Raine, Gainford, near Darlington; Thomas Bentley, Pannall Hall, Pannall near Wetherby, Yorkshire; F W Hawkes, Farnley Hall, near Otley; Richard Booth, Warlaby, near Northallerton, Yorkshire; Charles Towneley, Towneley Park, near Burnley, Lancashire; James Douglas, Athelstaneford, New Mains near Drem, Haddington; Henry Ambler, Watkinson Hall, near Halifax, Yorkshire; Edward Price, Court-house, Pembridge, near Leominster, Herefordshire; F B Price, Huntingdon, near Hereford; John Jone (late) of Lower Brunton, near Hereford; Sylvanus Archibald, of Holmer, near Hereford; John Monkhouse, of the Stow, near Hereford; Philip Turner, of the Leen, Pembridge, near Leominster, Herefordshire; Fowler B Price, Huntingdon, near Hereford; J N Carpenter, Eardisland, near Leominster; Walter Maybury, Penlan, near Brecon; John Quartley, Champson Molland, near South Molton, Devonshire; James Davey, North Molton, near South Molton, Devonshire; Samuel Farthing, Stowey Crt, near Bridgewater, Somersetshire.

Issue date not noted in error

Judges Awards of prizes for Agricultural Machines and Implements at the Great Exhibition W Busby, Newton-le-Willows; W Crosskill, Beverley; Garrett & Sons, Suffolk; Hornsby & Sons, Grantham; W Ball, Rothwell; E H Bentall, Heybridge; C Burrell, Thetford Clayton & Shuttleworth, Lincoln; H Clayton, near Dorset sq; R Coleman, Chelmsford; Crowley & Sons, Newport Pagnell; J Comins, South Molton; J J Duchene, of Assche en Rifail, Belgium; M Gibson, Newcastle; Grey and Sons, Uddingstone; Hensman & Son, Woburn; Holmes & Son, Norwich; J & F Howard, Bedford; A D Lavoisy, Paris; W N Hicholson, Newark on Trent; Ransome & May, Ipswich; Reeves & Bratton, Westbury; B Samuelson, Banbury; T Scragg, Tarporley; W P Stanley, Peterborough; Tuxford & Son, Boston, Lincolnshire; T Wilkinson, 309 Oxford St; W Williams, Bedford; J Whitehead, Preston Munificent

Bequests by the late John Thackeray, Esq. of The Priory, Lewisham, Kent, scholar and Governor of Bluecoat School (since 1814) Mrs Maria Bowden of Stroud Green Croydon Mrs Hannah Brandon of Westmoreland place

Melancholy Accident Mrs Rowe, the wife of Mr Rowe, auctioneer, 73 Coleman-st, was taking an afternoon airing at four o'clock, on Monday, along the New-rd, in a pony phaeton, driven by a groom, when the animal became restive and unmanageable, and ultimately ran away towards Euston-sq. The carriage of Mr Christie, M.P., with the honourable gentleman in it, and an omnibus drove up in the opposite direction, when Mrs Rowe's pony ran so furiously against the former that the phaeton and pony were whirled by the concussion to the opposite side, close to the omnibus, where Mrs Rowe was flung head foremost to the ground with such violence, that, after falling upon her face, she rebounded, falling again in such a manner that her neck was dislocated. When raised up the unfortunate lady was quite dead. The groom, although thrown out, sustained but a few scratches. The pony and phaeton were scarcely injured. Deceased was 64 years of age.

Lamentable Occurence A very shocking and fatal accident occurred at Chorley, Lancashire, on Monday. Mr Henry Hordern Fazakerley, a young gentleman, 19 years of age, who had recently come into possession of Gillibrand Hall estate, and other large property, by the death of his father, was at Chorley on a visit, in company with his friend, Mr Tempest Green, son of Admiral Sir Andrew P Green, and on Monday they were invited to descend a coal mine, in which there was a good deal of foul air, to look at the works. The colliery was that of Mr Jonathon Blundell and Sons. In company with them, the underlooker of the works (Mr Billinge) and a sinker named William Taylor, descended the shaft, 208 yards deep, and they took with them a blazing tar-rope to give light. Shortly after their descent a boy at the mouth of the pit observed a rush of air up the shaft, as if an explosion had taken place, and gave an alarm. The son of Mr Billinge and others went down in search of the parties (after shouting down the shaft without getting an answer), but the air was so foul that it was some hours before they could venture to the bottom. The result was, as may be surmised, that the whole of the party, four in number, had perished, leaving no one to tell the melancholy circumstances immediately leading to the accident. The bodies of Mr Fazarkely, Mr Green, and their companions were recovered about midnight; and there is no doubt, from their scorched and disfigured state, that they had ignited the carburetted hydrogen gas so fatal in coal-mines, and fallen a sacrifice to the imprudence which had dictated the use of an unprotected light in place of a Davy lamp.

Riot (Illustrated London News carries fuller report.) At Cambden, Worcestershire. (Head office for the contractors of the formation of a line of road through the Muckleton Tunnel.) Some of those involved: Mr Marchant, who was having trouble with completion of his contract between Oxford and Worcester. Peto and Betts, contractors for the whole of the rest of the work on the line. Marchant having been told to remove his workmen to allow Peto and Betts completing the work. Peto and Betts agent was told to gather 500 men and march them to Muckleton Tunnel to occupy the site and prevent Marchant's men from pursue their work. At the Worcester end of the tunnel, Mr Cowdery with 200 men from Evesham and Wyre carrying pickaxes and shovels, met Marchant who dared them to proceed on pain of being shot. He was carrying several pistols. Mr Brunel, unable to persuade Marchant to move told Peto and Betts men to proceed and take the line. A rush was made, and several heads were broken and three men had dislocated shoulders. A Marchant man who drew his pistols was set upon and his head nearly severed from his body. Marchant and his men left for an hour and returned with three dozen policemen from the Gloucester constabulary and some privates from the Gloucester Artillery and two magistrates who read the Riot Act. Fights had again broken out and several received broken arms and legs. At 4 Mr Charles Watson, of Warwick, arrived with 200 men and the Great Western Company sent a similar number to expel Marchant. The magistrates told Marchants men to start work and Peto and Betts men to stop work. Marchant gave in and he adjourned with Mr Brunel to come to some amicable agreement. Whilst they were doing so a small number of navvies again started fighting and one had his little finger bitten off. Eventually Messrs Cubitt and Stephenson acted as arbitrators and work suspended for a fortnight.

On 22 July Bankrupts: S C Beastall and W Mather, High-st, Kensington, linen drapers; S Dixon, Leeds, YKS, draper; A Heilbronn and J Harrison, Great St Helens, City, dry salters; J Mitchell, Camden-st, Camden Town, builder; Z Warren, Ardleigh, Essex,miller; G Deeley, Brunswick-terr, Trinity-st, Dover-rd, iron founder; G Kempson, Clifton, Bedfordshire, pork butcher; J Royce, Nottingham, currier ;T Painter, Oakhampton, Devon, builder; S V Burge, Taunton, Somerset, saddler; W Pashley & F Pashley, Sheffield, table knife manufacturers; W Mooney & T Wilson, Liverpool, corn merchants; G J J Grant, Liverpool, tobacco broker;T Brown, Sunderland, ship owner.

Scotch Sequestrations: Taylor & Cameron, Edinburgh, cattle dealers

On 25 July Bankrupts: H J Ellis, Rotherhithe, iron monger; T Hammond, Conduit-st, Paddington, boot and shoe maker; J Allanson, Kirby Moorside, grocer; W B Richards, Hill Top, STS, grocer; R Bew, Selby, grocer; I Irlam & V W Wamostroct, Liverpool, brokers; J N Bateson, Rochdale, cotton spinner;

Scotch Sequestrations: A Carsewell, Greenock, ship builder. J Grant, Glasgow, manufacturer

On 17 inst. the wife of Col Vicars, Royal Engineers, of a son.
On the 18th inst. the wife of the Rev. J Turner, of Wartling, of a son. The wife of the Rev. Charles Vansittart, rector of Shottesbrook, BRK, of a son .
On the 20th at the Rectory, Fladbury, WOR, the wife of the Rev. James Hughes, of Glen Rheidal, Cardiganshire, of a son.

On Saturday last, Lieut.-col. John Eardley Wilmot Inglis, of her Majesty's 32nd Regiment, son of the late Bishop of Nova Scotia, to Julia Selina, daughter of Sir Frederick Thesiger, M.P. 
On the 22nd May Capt. James Ross Arrow, 15th Regiment M N I, to Alice Sarah, the youngest daughter of T B Davies, Esq of Cerne Abbas, Dorset. 
On the 15th inst. Joseph Dalton Hooker, M.D., to Frances Harriet eldest dau of the Rev J S Henslow, Recortor of Hitcham. 
On the 19th inst John Forbes Clark, Esq, only son of Sir James Clark, Bart, Attache to H M Embassy, Paris, to Charlotte only daughter of the late Mr Justice Coltman.

On the 7th inst. John F Cathcart, Esq., of the Bengal Civil Service, youngest son of the late Hon. David Cathcart, of Alloway, one of the senators of the College of Justice.
On the 16th inst Rev. R J Ogle, M.A., Fell. of Lincoln College, OXF, in 26th year of his age.
On 19th inst. aged 59 years Francis Newman Rogers, Q.C., Bencher of the Inner Temple and Recorder of Exeter.

Issue of August 2 1851

p. 146 Article on the Census p. 146 Canterbury colonists at Port Lyttelton, Port Victoria.

p. 147 Last Saturday morning one of the large houses in Duke St, immediately to the rear of Tooley St, belonging to Mr Alderman Humphery, whose premises in the locality adjoining were lately burned down. House occupied by Messrs J Wynn & Co., boot and shoe makers.

On 28 July Bankrupts: H M Arliss, & E Tucker, Frith St, Soho Sq., Middlesex, printers; J Brown, Deal, grocer. R Mitchell, Walthamstow, Essex, Baker; J H May, Brecknock Terrace, Camden Town; T E Slate, Kingsmead Court, City & Hatton Garden, bookbinder; J Short, of Weedon, Beck, Northumberland, wine and spirit merchant; M Beart, Upwell, Norfolk, brickmaker; E G Cuff, Lister, hotel keeper; J McDuff, late of Bryn Mawr, Brecknockshire, auctioneer.

Scotch Sequestrations: J Mc'Graw, Gorsbridge, merchant; H Fergis, Leven, Edinburgh, brick, tile and earthenware manufacturer.; J Brown, Aberdeen, linen draper; J White, Audrie, tailor; J M'Cowan, Lowesmuir, Ayrshire, farmer; W Craig, Newmilnes, spirit dealer.

On 29 July Bankrupts: E Herring, Trinity St, Southwark, manufacturing chemist; J Limbird, Strand, stationer; R Keeping, Ryde, Isle of White, watchmaker; E Gates, Aylsford, Kent, grocer; W Levi, Whites Row, Spitalfields, macaroni manufacturer; A Hinton, Portsmouth, stationer; E Davis, Northampton, currier; T Irlam & V Wanostrocht (not correct in last Gazette) R Heath, W Welch & J H Barber, ironmasters, Tunstall; T J King, Stourport, Worcs, innkeeper; D Phillips, Cardiff., Linen draper; Betsy Daw, Lumborne Mills, near Tavistock, miller; J Searle, Brixham, Devon, builder.

Scotch Sequestrations A Edmund, Edinburgh, stockbroker; J Cochran, Largs; J Allan, Glasgow, oil merchant; J Ross, Port Leich, Ross-shire, farmer; A R Levy & W Paton, Glasgow, manufacturers.

19th ult. wife of Martin Kirwin Blake, Esq, Hampstead, co. Galway, a daughter.
24th ult. wife of Rev'd. Robert Baker, of a daughter.
25th wife of Rev'd. George S Woodgate, a daughter.

Saturday 26th ult. at St Peter's, Cornhill, Robert L Evans, Esq. of Highgate to Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr J D Browning, Gracechurch St, City.
29th ult. Richard Sutton, Esq. of Skeffington Hall, Leics, son of Sir Richard Sutton, Bart. to Harriet Ann daughter of the late William Fitzwilliam Burton, Esq. of Burton Hall, Co. Carlow, Ireland.
24th ult. Rev'd Henry Tremayne Redd, vicar of Gwinear, to Marianne Baillie, youngest daughter of the late R S Sutton, Esq. of Flushing, in same county.

Deaths 24th ult. at her residence, Pitchfield, Great Malvern, in her 79th year, Phyllis Bone, relict of Sir ---

Issue of 9 August 1851

On Friday last week at Plymouth a fisherman named Brat, the master of a trawling sloop, went out in his vessel fishing, fell overboard and was drowned. About 4 hours afterwards his son, who was mate of another trawler, who had not heard of the accident, was hauling up his trawl which appeared unusually heavy. After some difficulty however the trawl was hove onto the vessel and within it was discovered, to the consternation and dismay of all parties on board, the body of the mate's father.
(The following appears to be for this Thomas Bratt. 
His death was registered September quarter 1851 at Plymouth. 
He appears on the 1881 Census as follows: 
12 Vauxhall Street, Plymouth (Charles the Martyr), Devon.
Thomas Bratt Head Married 56 Fisherman 
Elizabeth Bratt Wife Married 50 
Thomas Bratt Son Unmarried 23 Seaman HM Navy 
Selina Hickay Stepdaughter Unmarried 32.
All were born in Plymouth.

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