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Atomic Rooster - Lyrics • Atomic Rooster Lyrics •
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Atomic RoOoster




Friday The 13th (Vincent Crane)
And So To Bed (Vincent Crane)
Winter (Vincent Crane)
Decline And Fall (Vincent Crane/Carl Palmer/Nick Graham)
Banstead (Vincent Crane/Carl Palmer/Nick Graham)
S.L.Y. (Vincent Crane)
Broken Wings (John Mayall)
Before Tomorrow (Vincent Crane)

Death Walks Behind You

Death Walks Behind You (Vincent Crane/ John DuCann)
VUG (Vincent Crane)
Tomorrow Night
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(Vincent Crane)
7 Streets (John duCann)
Sleeping for Years (John duCann)
I Can't Take No More (John duCann)
Nobody Else (Vincent Crane)
Gershatzer (Vincent Crane)

Devil's Answer
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(John Cann)

In Hearing Of...

In Hearing Of... Breakthrough (Vincent Crane/Pat Darrell)
Break The Ice (John DuCann)
Decision/Indecision (Vincent Crane/Pat Darnell)
A Spoonful Of Bromide
Makes The Pulse Rate Go Down [instrumental]
(Vincent Crane)
Black Snake (Vincent Crane/Pat Darnell)
Head In The Sky (John DuCann)
The Rock [instrumental] (Vincent Crane)
The Price (Vincent Crane)

Made In England

Made In England Time Take My Life (Vincent Crane)
Stand By Me (Vincent Crane)
Little Bit Of Inner Air (Rick Parnell)
Don't Know What Went Wrong (Vincent Crane)
Never To Lose (Steve Bolton)
Introduction (Vincent Crane)
Breathless [instrumental] (Vincent Crane)
Space Cowboy (Steve Bolton)
People You Can't Trust (Vincent Crane)
All In Satan's Name (Rick Parnell)
Close Your Eyes (Vincent Crane)

Nice N Greasy

Nice N Greasy All Across The Country (Vincent Crane)
Save Me (Vincent Crane)
Voodoo in You (Jackie Avery)
[instrumental US release]
(Vincent Crane)
Goodbye Planet Earth (John "Mandela" Goodsall)
Take One Toke (Vincent Crane)
Can't Find A Reason (Vincent Crane)
Ear In The Snow
(Vincent Crane)
Whatcha Gonna Do? (US release) (Chris Farlowe)
Satan's Wheel (Vincent Crane)

The Chris Farlowe Single

Special thanks to Mike Healy. This is very rare!

Tell Your Story (Sing Your Song) (Vincent Crane)

EMI "Atomic Rooster" album (1980)

Take Control Of You (John DuCann/Clara DuCann)
She's My Woman (John Du Cann)
He Did It Again (Vincent Crane/John DuCann)
Where's The Show (John DuCann)
In The Shadows (John DuCann)
Do You Know Who's
Looking For You
(Vincent Crane/John DuCann)
Don't Lose Your Mind (John DuCann)
Watch Out!
(Vincent Crane)
I Can't Stand It (John DuCann)
Lost In Space (Vincent Crane/John DuCann)

B-Side of Single:
Throw Your Life Away

(Vincent Crane/John DuCann)

The Polydor Singles

Play It Again (John DuCann/Vincent Crane)
Start To Live (John Du Cann)
End of the Day (John DuCann)
Living Underground (John DuCann)

Taro Rota Suite

Taro Rota Suite.

Lyrics by Vincent & Jeannie Crane
Voiceprint Music



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