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Vincent Crane with Arthur Brown

Vincent with ABSince I have listened to the “Crazy World of Arthur Brown” the first time, Arthur to me was one of the rock music’s most fascinating singers. So I was really glad to meet him personally in 1976. Spontaneously we talked about a joint concert. It really took place in Paris, and was one of the highlights of my career. Vincent with ABSoon after that Arthur disappeared to Africa. In 1979, he suddenly turned up again. I was looking for a singer for my “Dune” album and in fact Arthur fit perfectly into that album. For the following “Richard Wahnfried” sessions he brought Vincent Crane with him who once belonged to the “Crazy World of Arthur Brown” and then founded his own band “Atomic Rooster”. Vincent was one of the wildest keyboardists in the history of rock music. Arthur and Vincent were working on a project I heard and liked. It eventually grew into “Faster than the Speed of Light”. I feel this record proves the two not belonging to the boring old farts. They have neither lost their originality nor their fun making music. That’s what I feel with every note of this record.........KLAUS SCHULZE, 1980

"Faster than the Speed of Light" available on BLUEPRINT Records.
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Vincent's Unfinished Project - Written for Arthur Brown

Taro RotaVincent and I composed this piece way back in 1976, especially for Arthur Brown. There is a ten minute demo with Arthur on vocals, but unfortunately, due to contractual reasons, at the last minute it couldn't be included on the CD. At the moment the Taro Rota Suite is an impressive 23 minutes of Vincent doing the whole thing! Hopefully this will be amended later this year!

Taro RotaOne day a charity bazaar was held in the grounds of a very large and beautiful house and Vincent and I went along to do Tarot Readings.Inside the conservatory, surrounded by lush hangings of grape vine, we spread the cards time and time again. We told story after story for an endless queue of people but the day was just was not long enough to be with everyone. So, when everyone else had left, the remaining books had been packed, the paintings put away and the money counted, we lay out a spread of cards for all the people we didn't see. It told us your story and it told you ours. We called it Taro Rota..............Jeannie Crane, 1997.

"Taro Rota" available on VOICEPRINT Records

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The Katmandu album that Vincent did with Peter Green, Ray Dorset & Co.

KatmanduKatmanduOriginal Sleeve notes from 1986 Nightflite records.

One night at a hot, steamy gig at the Winter Gardens, Bournemouth, Mungo Jerry frontman Ray Dorset bumped into Chris Holland, who was tour manager for the legendary guitarist Peter Green's band Kolors. With Chris that evening was Nashville Teens bass player Len Surtees who, as fate would have it, used to be in the same class with Ray years earlier.

Not unexpectedly the subject under discussion inevitably turned to music and while the three chatted Chris mentioned what he had been doing with Kolors and suggested, perhaps, an elaborate jam with Peter Green. Jeff Whittaker, once a member of a pre-Floyd band with Dave Gilmore, and later with Steven Stills, but now percussionist and leader of Kolors had told Chris that it would be good to play with some new musicians to give air to some new ideas they had.

Peter Green's imposing musical pedigree is well-known - from his early days with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers to perhaps his most famous period with Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac and on to a much lesser know period in the very early 70's when he split to America and fronted The Act. Since then he has variously enjoyed working solo, writing and playing the odd gig....but that's another story!

Ray Dorset himself has been around awhile! Currently contracted as a recording artist to Polygram, he is best known for his work with Mungo Jerry with an impressive list of hit records to his credit. Before Mungo Jerry he worked with Jackie Edwards, Millie Small, Jimmy Cliff and Laurel Aitken amongst many others. Gigging regularly today, he also pens TV theme music in between. However it was in a New York music store that Ray last saw Peter Green at an amazing chance meeting in 1970. The opportunity of a session with Peter after such a long time was immensely interested so both Ray and Len had no hesitation in saying O.K. Thus the scene was set.

With the nucleus of the band established Chris set to work and a few days later called Ray to say he had met Vincent Crane at a party held on Richard Branson's floating studio and that Vincent had said he would like to join the session.

Vincent's own musical background is interesting. He was with Arthur Brown with whom he wrote Fire before passing on to the famed Atomic Rooster. Today Dexy's Midnight Runners have the benefit of his frenetic style!

One time Jackie Lynton Band sidesman, drummer, Greg Terry-Short, was invited along to complete the line-up for the session, which, it had by now been decided, would 'happen' at Ray Dorset's own Satellite Studio.

Tim Green from Boogie Tunes was visiting Satellite Studio on other business and was so knocked out by what he heard he persuaded the guys to record what was clearly going to become an historic session.

All the tracks you hear on this album were recorded during December 1983 and January 1984 with overdubs and mixing completed in the February.

The production credit is with Katmandu, with Ken Marshall and Ray Dorset flying the desk for the session. Vincent Crane and Ray Dorset jointly attended to the remixes.

The Katmandu Album available on VOICEPRINT records


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