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• Rare Atomic Rooster Album Covers •
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With many thanks to Greg Segal, Mike Healy, Tony Seymour, Stuart Hamilton, Michael Green, Jim Cabler, Vili and Mark Clinton Jones for contributions to this page.

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The original Atomic Rooster "Made in England Album" with denim cover. Back cover photo , US "Atomic Rooster IV" (US version of "Nice'n'Greasy", actually Rooster's 5th album; so called because the first album, "Atomic Ro-ooster", was not released in the US.) Picture sleeve from German single Nice 'n' Greasy Back Cover

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Nice and Greasy inside cover (CD, Repertoire). Nice and Greasy inside cover (CD, Repertoire)
enlarged to show sleeve notes!
Nice'n'Greasy, CD cover (Repertoire)

Made In England, CD cover (Repertoire)

Atomic Ro-ooster, CD cover (Repertoire)

LP cover, "This Is Atomic Rooster" (German "Made In England")

Portrait of Vincent Crane from back cover of "Headline News"

LP cover (cropped), US "Atomic Rooster IV" Atomic Rooster Live on the BBC, CD cover Close-up of cover photo from Atomic Rooster Live on the BBC Home to Roost, CD cover

The picture label for side one of "Death Walks Behind You".

Some interesting graphics from a Japanese vinyl version of "Made In England".

Front cover of "Tell Your Story" picture sleeve

Back cover of "Tell Your Story" picture sleeve

These are from the collection of Mike Healy.

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Cover for the sheet music of "Tomorrow Night"

Cover for the sheet music of "Devil's Answer"

Made In England Notes

Made In England - inner sleeve

In Hearing Of - front cover

In Hearing Of - back cover

In Hearing Of - inner left

In Hearing Of - inner right

From Jim Cabler:
"an American white-label DJ copy of Tomorrow Night backed with Play The Game on Elektra. It's interesting in that it's mixed quite differently than any other versions I've heard. Tomorrow Night fades out  before the squawking guitar and spooky voices, and Play The Game has a much better mix on the guitar on the end of the song, with a cold ending instead of the fade-out."

From Jim Cabler:
Concert poster.

From Jim Cabler - the American "Death Walks Behind You" album.

From Mike Healey:
Liner notes from the US One way reissue of "Nice N' Greasy.

Front Cover, EMI "Atomic Rooster". Back Cover, EMI "Atomic Rooster" EMI single, "Do You Know Who's Looking For You?" Polydor single "Play it Again"

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From Mike Healy:
White label promo. copies of sides 1 & 2 Made in England.
From Mike Healy:
White label promo. copies of sides 1 & 2 Atomic Rooster IV.

From Castle Masters Collection with Vincent, Ric Parnell., Pete French, and Steve Bolton. Strange photo on the front cover here as the tracks are with Vincent, John DuCann and Paul Hammond or Preston Heyman on drums. Track listing for the Castle Masters sleeves. A photo from Made in England (Repertoire Records).

These from Vili in Croatia.

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Atomic Rooster/The Who poster.

Atomic Rooster "Devil's Answer"

Music Mirror - "Devil's Answer"

Front and back cover of Rock Classics Compilation!

Land of Freedom!, Spanish 7

Another compilation from Soft Rock!

"Words" cover stars! Special thanks to Stuart Hamilton.

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decca.jpg (19792 bytes)

Reissue of Devil's Answer!

Rooster Logo from the Greatest Hits CD.

Promo Airplay White Label for the Chris Farlowe Album!

Tell Your Story (Sing Your Song) on Decca.

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A curious 1989 release by Old Gold.
A 3" compact disc single of Tomorrow Night / Devil's Answer combined with Humble Pie doing Natural Born Bugie! But at least Rooster got the cover pic. Front, inner and disc have been uploaded.

A compilation on Marble Arch from 1991. Being part of Castle there's a truly dreadful cover by Brian Burrows, who some of us remember as bassist with early 80s scouse boogiers Spider, and who as an illustrator makes a great bassist. An odd compilation of Made In England and Nice n Greasy material.

bestof1_small.jpg (1958 bytes)bestof2_small.jpg (1487 bytes)

German1_small.jpg (2484 bytes)German2_small.jpg (1934 bytes)

Best of Atomic Rooster, Germany!

1993 CD German various artist comp, plus inner - dodgy German VA comp.

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rooster_tomorrow_small.jpg (1510 bytes)

devilpreomo_small.jpg (1617 bytes)

1972 Stand By Me 7" US promo - mono/stereo

Tomorrow Night - German Fontana label

Devil's Answer US 7" radio promo label

Very rare, the 8-track Atomic Rooster Assortments album.

"Do You Know Who's Looking for You" demo label.

Autographed ticket from Jon Sowell!

"Friday the 13th" front and back, from Phil Winan Friar's Gig Ticket from Mike Healey 1989 Receiver Double CD "Devil's Answer" (from me)

Land of Freedom back cover, from Phil Winan.

An ad from Rolling Stone!

Japanese Tomorrow Night single

Atomic Rooster - The Ultimate Chicken Meltdown

A copy of the handbill from Wichita, KS

Concert poster from Wichita, KS

Handout promo for local appearance by Wichita, KS radio station.

Here is the French version of the Tell Your Story single on Kingdom Records. Number is 45.K.3113.The B-side of the single is exactly the same.

Here's what the back side of the Do You Know ps looks like

In Satan's Name - The Definitive Collection

In Hearing Of press kit folder, USA

Poster from In Hearing Of press kit

The front of the Death Walks press kit folder

Poster from the Death Walks press kit

From Phil Winans.

inhearing_small.jpg (2558 bytes)

inhearingoffc_small.jpg (2275 bytes)

In Hearing Of (US) Inside cover.

In Hearing Of (US) - Front and rear covers.

Atomic Rooster Live in London 1972: front (r) and back (l) covers.

Atomic Rooster
Side 1 and Side 2

From Mike.

bestof_small.jpg (2089 bytes)

bestofa_small.jpg (2289 bytes)

Best of Progressive Rock, Sides 1 and 2

German Brain edition, Metronome 501.  The back sleeve illustration is exactly the same as the front.

Pye Records, Spain, 10669, The back of the picture sleeve has track details, and adverts for other artists, such as Pickettywitch!

anothercdfront.jpg (19384 bytes)anothercd1.jpg (23234 bytes)

metaldawnfront.jpg (46651 bytes)metaldawninner.gif (12744 bytes)metaldawnrear.jpg (29496 bytes)

From Stuart Hamilton:
"No! Surely Not! Another Compilation of Cann material called Devils Answer! Released on Neon records, usual 12 tracks, identical liner notes to every other version, but with bonus tracks from unreleased German broadcast - Save Me / Tomorrow Night / Breakthrough. Odd, only Breakthrough has Chris Farlowe on vox, which makes you think. All from 1 broadcast - probably not, especially when a female German voice introduces Hammond/Crane/Cann. A special credit on the sleeve goes to Album Concept by John DuCann. Pretentious, moi?"

From Stuart Hamilton:
1. 2 & 3 "The front, inner and rear of the Metal Dawn bootleg - I know we don't approve but the rear picture is rather nice, although I don't know about the bizarre family twig:-"

With many thanks to Stuart Hamilton, find additional rare Vincent Crane related and Atomic Rooster Sleeves here:

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