Camberley and District Stamp Club

Affiliated to Association of British Philatelic Societies, Surrey Federation of PhilatelicSocieties
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Rules for the Three Counties Club Competition

  1. The Competition is open to Philatelic Societies and Stamp Clubs in the counties of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.
  2. The entry from each society or club will comprise 48 sheets in total, made up of :-
    1. 16 sheets - Traditional (Postage Stamps)
    2. 16 sheets - Traditional (Postal Stationery)
    3. 16 sheets - Postal History of any country
    4. 16 sheets - A Thematic entry with material drawn from many countries
    5. 16 Sheets - Aerophilately
    6. 16 Sheets - Cinderella material
  3. Sub-entries 2(a), (b), (c), (d), (e) and (f) must belong to three different members of the society or club.
  4. The judges will be appointed by the organisers of the Competition and will be instructed that neither rarity or 'philatelic importance' is to be a determining factor.
  5. Each individual member's entry shall be marked separately, and the winner will be the society or club with the highest aggregate score. A perpetual trophy will be awarded and will be engraved at the organiser's expense. The winners will hold this for one year, but must return it 14 days before the Competition. Prizes will also be awarded to to the winners of the individual Classes at 2 above, together with certificates for the first, second and third places in those classes.
  6. No individual member may submit an entry which has been awarded first prize in the same class in the previous three years.
  7. The judges will submit their judging sheets to the organisers, who will make copies available to the participating societies and clubs.
  8. Material must be mounted on leaves and placed inside a protective cover. Each leaf should be numbered in pencil on the back showing its position in the frame (4 rows of 4 sheets). The maximum size of the protective cover shall be 12" x 10" and binding edges shall be folded into the cover.
  9. Owners of material should check that they are adequately insured. The organisers of the competition will make every effort to safeguard exhibits, but can not accept responsibility for loss however caused.
  10. A receipt will be issued to entrants and this should be presented on collection of the exhibits after the closure of the Stamp Fair.

Marking Scheme

Traditional Stamps, Postal Stationery, Postal History & Cinderella
Philatelic Knowledge & Personal Research 30
Treatment, Originality and Importance of the Exhibit and items Exhibited 30
Presentation, Write-up & Arrangement 20
Relative Condition & Rarity 20
Total 100
Thematic Philately Class
Presentation 20
Plan of the Entry and its Implementation 10
Development of the Theme 25
Originality of the the Theme 10
Philatelic Knowledge 20
Condition & rarity of the Items shown 15
Total 100
Aero-Philatelic Class
As for Traditional but for "Philatelic Knowledge" read "Aero-Philatelic Knowledge"

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