Hill Climbs

Eddy Merckx giving Jim the National Hill Climb trophy I compete on the road in every discipline but hill climbing is my speciality. I have won the national championship five times, most recently in 2003.
The national hill climb championship comes at the end of the road season and for the hundreds of spectators who line the course it is a social event. Despite the end-of-term feel to the event, the top riders take it extremely seriously - my whole year is geared around three or four minutes at the end of October.
Hill climbs are held under the rules of Cycling Time Trials, starting at the bottom of a hill and ending at the top. The courses are normally short and steep, so spectators get a close-up view of the competitors as they struggle up the hill. As a measure of how much the riders give to make it to the finish, some races have "catchers" who wait beyond the line to help them off their bikes!
Fixed wheel bikes are lighter than bikes with gears and, as long as there are no downhill bits, will always be fastest. I go to great lengths to find components that are light but strong, and my best bike weighs just over twelve pounds. Click here for details.
The winners of all the national hill climbs that I have ridden, and links giving more details are:
2008 Matt Clinton MikeVaughan.co.uk Bank Road, Matlock
2007 James Dobbin Arctic Shorter Rochford RT Cheddar Gorge, Somerset
2006 James Dobbin Arctic Shorter Rochford RT Peak Hill, Sidmouth
2005 Ben Greenwood recycling.co.uk The Rake, Ramsbottom (Jim 2nd)
2004 Jon Dayus Arctic Shorter RT Winter's Gibbet, Northumberland (Jim 4th)
2003 Jim Henderson Southport CC Halifax Lane, Luddenden
2002 Mark Lovatt Compensation Group RT Cat and Fiddle, Cheshire (Jim 4th)
2001 Jim Henderson Southport CC The Bwlch, Ruthin
2000 Jim Henderson Terry Wright Cycles Westclose hill, Somerset
1999 Jim Henderson Terry Wright Cycles The Rake, Ramsbottom
1998 Jim Henderson Oxford University CC Dover's hill, Gloucestershire
1997 Stuart Dangerfield Wheelbase CC Rowsley Bar, Derbyshire (Jim 2nd)
1996 Stuart Dangerfield Parker International RT Carlton Bank, Cleveland (Jim 3rd)
1995 Stuart Dangerfield Leo RC Ditchling Beacon, East Sussex (Jim 15th)

Click here for a list of all the winners and venues