Uphill Road South used to be a quiet road used mainly by village traffic.  Since the building and inevitable expansion of the Weston General Hospital, on the edge of the village,  traffic flow has expanded substantially.  Limitations on parking in the Hospital grounds have resulted in congestion of the surrounding streets to such an extent that at times traffic is blocked by parked cars on both sides of the road.

There has not been a serious accident as yet, but it is only a matter of time. As recently as the 14th April a scheduled bus was delayed for over an hour by inconsiderate parking.

As well as the bus, an ambulance and a builders skip lorry were in the traffic queue.  The bus driver ultimately called the police who took appropriate action, which resulted in one of the cars receiving fixed penalty tickets and ultimately being towed away.

Next day it was congestion as usual.

The "parking problems" in Uphill Road South do not get any less.  Inconsiderate parking is one of the causes  -  this owner is pictured on 14th July receiving a fixed penalty ticket from the Police and is in the process of being towed away. 

There is no simple solution to the problem, and Weston is by no means unique. Inadequate parking provisions at the hospital for both visitors and staff members result in an over flow to the surrounding streets. The situation is compounded by visitors not wishing to pay the hospital parking charges - even if they could find a vacant space. Parking restrictions are the ultimate sanction - URS residents would not welcome an increase in the double yellow lines that are slowly invading the village - but it may come to that if the present situation is allowed to continue for much longer.         

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