If you think that with the passage of time the problem would ease or possibly go away -  think on.  With no apparent action by the authorities since the photos on the previous page were taken the situation has been allowed to continue and some residents in the neighbouring streets would say it has escalated. The problems occur at certain times of the day and on certain days of the week. One would suspect that hospital appointments and clinic days have much to do with the situation. It is not only hospital patients that are at fault it is members of hospital staff (identified by their neck tags) who cause problems, often arriving early morning and not departing until early evening.
Inconsiderate parking is at the root of the problem - parking near road junctions - parking on both sides of the road in close proximity, preventing double decker busses  getting through.

These photos were taken in late April 2010 and are typical of the situation.

Trying to manoeuvre through the tight gap between the badly parked cars the driver left part of his near side rear wing paintwork on the stone wall, clearly identified by the distinctive "First Bus" colours.
This was not the last of the incident as within minutes two more double decker busses appeared followed by a stream of cars and vans. It was utter confusion for a short while whilst each driver tried to extricate themselves. Buses reversing and trying to do three point turns and cars trying the force their way through - Uphill Road South residents should not be subjected to this chaos.

How long will it be before some   action is taken to resolve the situation - but who will act. North Somerset District Council - Weston Area NHS Trust - Uphill Village Society. Possibly our MP will pick up the baton now that he is part of the Government.