Like a television "soap opera" the story continues with each week bringing a new episode to the residents of Uphill Road South. Unlike TV it is not entertainment but a continual distraction and nuisance to their normal every day life.

Here are just a few photographs taken as recently as the end of September. A line of buses  hemmed in by parked cars is brought to a standstill unable to proceed on their scheduled journey. The passengers onboard are unhappy that they have been needlessly delayed and those further along the route are blaming the bus company for not keeping to the time table.

The authorities are alerted and positive action is taken to move one of the cars blocking the bus. With the aid of a hoist a car is soon placed on a low loader and taken away.
If you think that was enough excitement or anguish  for a while you are sadly mistaken for barely eight days later the Police were again alerted by one of the Bus companies that one of their vehicles could not   

get through a line of badly parked cars and this time two officers had to attend to restore order to the otherwise chaos.

What will future episodes of this ongoing saga produce before there is a serious accident. The authorities must take notice NOW before this happens and they are faced with a serious injury or fatality.