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We are a Birmingham-based company specialising in safety inspections and reports for play equipment in playgrounds and other environments. We also provide risk assessments, playground design consultancy, play area staff training, accident reports, expert witness services and disabled access audit services.

post-installation inspections

We provide a trained inspector to view new installations and provide a written report on all aspects of site safety and conformity to current British standards.

safety inspections

Normally undertaken as the Annual Main Inspection, recommended by BSEN 1176 and 1177. Site visit by trained inspector, and written report.

risk assessments

Comprehensive playground review, taking into account environmental and other non-equipment-specific hazards. Normally carried out simultaneously with annual inspections, which offers considerable savings.

playground design consultancy

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play area staff training

We provide advice and training for commercial organisations, local authorities and voluntary organisations who employ play area staff . Staff are trained in how to carry out and report on routine visual inspections, and operational inspections recommended by BSEN 1176 and 1177.

accident reports

Inspectors will visit sites and prepare reports on reported accidents backed up by appropriate photographic evidence and advice on statutory and other requirements.

expert witness services

If accidents result in litigation, our inspectors can prepare special reports relevant to the case, and appear to advise the court within their areas of expertise.

disabled access audit services

Trained inspectors will inspect and report on all aspects of disabled access to village, church and community halls and well as public community and commercial play areas.

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John Hicks & Associates.
A wholly owned subsidiary of JOHN HICKS LTD.
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John Hicks Associates: fieldwork, inspections, contracting. Playground inspection services, including outdoor playgrounds and indoor play areas. Parish and district council play facilities, and play areas in pubs, pick-your-own fruit farms, caravan and camping sites, village halls, schools, churchyards and commercial crèches. Services