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Recent Photos taken by John Law
This is the page where most folk start when searching this site. That's because all the links on the Web take you to this page! Here you will find some examples of my recent pictures.Here is EWS 66107 at Peterborough in August 2001. Now I also have a beer page. Try the link at the bottom of the page. Keep coming back to this one, though, to see examples of my latest pics.
At the moment if you would like any scanned images of the above subjects, please e-mail me: There will be no charge for personal use of these photos and societies are welcome to use them too. I am looking particularly for photographs of RAILWAYS IN SOUTH YORKSHIRE.
This photo is of one of the more obscure railways around Doncaster, the 3 ft gauge system on Hatfield Moors, seen in 1983
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