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Lately I have been studying for my MSc in Advanced Computer Science at Birmingham University, so I there has not been much time for extra-curricular projects. However I still try my best...

Java Psion Link

A Java implementation of the "Psion Link Protocol". It should work on any platform that has Java and javax.comm. It has been tested under MacOS, MacOS X and Linux.
The source code for Java Psion Link is available from SourceForge as well as the latest versions of the program.

Games & Demos

On my travels I have written a few little games and demos.

Cat burglar

A Simple "Retro" game that I wrote on my Psion, whilst travelling in Australia.

Fractal Applet

A Java Applet demonstrating the "Mandelbrot" fractal. This was an entrant in a 4K competition, so the (compressed) applet weighs in at less than 4 Kilobytes.

A Fairy

Another 4K entrant. It's a vector-based fairy floating around, that gets a bit angry if you move the mouse over it. Take a look at the Source Code if you want, but be warned it was written to minimise code size, not for readability.

Blackhole Simulation

An applet demonstrating particles being sucked into a blackhole (in 3D). I also took the time to anti-alias the particles, so they do not jump from pixel to pixel, but should flow smoothly between them.

2D Racing Game

A networked racing game I wrote in about a week. Proved very popular for lunchtime racing over the office LAN. It's rigid body dynamics mean you can skid around corners with finesse. There are also some notes on how it works.

YARTS (Yet Another Real Time Strategy)

This is a project I worked on with a couple of friends. We haven't really had much time to work on it lately, but we had fun doing it.

4K Shooter

A tiny little shoot 'em up.

Macintosh & Linux

I am increasingly growing to love Unix-like operating systems. My G3 iMac runs MacOS X (Jaguar) which is great as I have the power of Unix, but a pretty interface.

I run Redhat 8.0 on an old P2 450 which is my other development machine. This machine has been very stable.

Recently I have acquired an IBM Thinkpad 600x (P3 500), which is now running SuSE 9.1. Coupled with a wireless network this means I can now sit looking at the garden while working ;^)


Get Java

A lot of the programming I do at home is in Java. This is because it is easy to work with, yet still powerful.


A little java app for leaving "sticky" notes on your computer. (source)


I do occasionally have time to do other things than program. A lot of those things still seem to revolve around being indoors and staring at things a lot. I like to think that makes me "focused".


A few drawings I have done. I hope to add more regularly.


Some practice at animating walks.

Graphical Adventure Games

One of my favourite game genres and one that does not concern itself merely with blowing things up (Well apart from Zombie Ghost Pirates).

Phoneme Picker

A Little program I wrote for visually choosing Phonemes on the Mac. (Ok so this one is programming, but it was done for someone else, so it does not count)

How To Make An Origami Frog

Some diagrams on how to make an origami frog.

How To Make An Origami Penguin

Some sketches and instructions on making an origami penguin.

How To Avoid Writing Your Report

A little web comic I wrote (whilst trying to write a report for my MSc).


General programming/computing

Game development

Web Comics/Graphic Art

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Little Spikey Land was the name of the first Artificial World I created.

I have about 10 computers and 3 t-shirts. One day I hope to get a cat.

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This Site is Moving

I recently got organised and acquired a domain name and some "real" webspace. So this website is now moving to Whilst I am not going to delete the pages here, it should be noted that updates will now only appear on the new site.

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