Motto: Manu Forti (With a strong hand)
Origin of Name: Gaelic, MacAoidh (Son of fire)
Gaelic Name: MacAoidh 
Clann MacAoidgh: Modern Gaelic spelling for "Clan Mackay"


(Mackay, Mackie) - in Scotland the name is pronounced Mac-eye.
Badge: The Great Bulrush
(Originally REED GRASS - used for bagpipe reeds)
Clansmen wore the "badge" during a skirmish to distinguish themselves from the opposing side.


Crest of Clan MackayA dagger held erect by a right hand, positioned central. All figures in their natural colours, the handle and knob of the dagger being in gold.
Lands: Ross and Sutherland, Argyll
The Chief: Lord Reay
The Banner: Bratach Bhan Chlann Aoidh (The White Banner of MacKay), last used in battle in 1433, is considered to be one of Clan Mackay's most important relics and resides in the Royal Museum of Scotland. A replica may be seen on display in the Strathnaver Museum, Bettyhill, Scotland. (map showing Betthill)
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