Sorry not suitable for the parlour or dining room; it's for your PC desktop!

Mackay Tartan Wallpaper

With your mouse, right click on the above image, you then have a choice of options:
Either A). Choose "Set as Wallpaper" - this will save the image as a Bitmap file in your Windows Directory and calls it "Internet Explorer Wallpaper.bmp". It immediately sets up the wallpaper for you.
Or B). Choose "Save Picture As" - you will then have a choice of options. Choose to save it as a "Bitmap *.bmp" file, decide what you want to call it, then save it in your "Windows Directory". Close down your open windows and right click your mouse on an empty spot on your desktop. From the menu that opens choose "Properties", choose the "Background"tab then in the little "Wallpaper" box click on the name that you chose to save the Bitmap file as. Below the box click "Tile" then click the "Apply" button then OK.
You will then have a beautifully wallpapered desktop in your favourite tartan, that matches perfectly without any joins showing!

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