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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information regarding the Clan Mackay many respected authorities differ on the complex question of the clans history and its septs. Therefore the information on this site cannot be fully comprehensive or definitive. I will endeavour to modify and update the site as and when new information is brought to my attention.

The aim of this site is to celebrate one of Scotland's oldest clans, to educate a little and inspire the reader to discover more of Scotland's rich heritage.

If you would like to share your discoveries or simply read what others have to say then why not join the GATHERING of THE CLAN in the forum. Everyone is welcome. 

Forum for Clan Mackay

WANT TO JOIN A CLAN MACKAY SOCIETY? There are a number of Clan Mackay Societies around the world and to benefit most from a society you should, in general, join the one closest to where you live as many will organise social events, clan gatherings, etc.. Check my LINKS page to find a society. Those of you living in the UK or in countries without a local society may wish to join The Clan Mackay Society in Scotland.

TRYING TO TRACE YOUR ANCESTORS IN SCOTLAND? If you are looking to trace your roots in Scotland then may I suggest that you use The National Registry for Scotland. This is a government run website holding records of births, marriages and deaths in Scotland.

Finally, if you want to contact me personally about this site then click below and I will try to reply to you, but I do receive hundreds of e-mails per week and it is often difficult to respond to all in the time I have available. Please note that I cannot help in tracing your ancestors.

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Acknowledgement must be made to Rev. Angus Mackay, Dr Ian Grimble, Dr Gary Mckay and their fellow historians who have made tremendous efforts in unearthing the history of Clan Mackay. Next I would like to thank all those people who have contributed directly to this site, it is heartening to know that so many are willing to share their information freely with others. In particular I would thank my father, Ken Mackie, without whose help this site would not have been possible. I would also thank all those men and women who have created "the web" so many giving freely of their time and ideas to make it possible for us to communicate information around our world.


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