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After twenty-five years of pamphlet and online publishing, the time has come to call it a day at Raunchland.
I'd like to thank everyone who has had anything to do with Raunchland and its various imprints over the years, whether
this has been in the form of literary, financial, practical or moral support.

Although no more submissions will be accepted, I intend to keep the site live, as an archive, for as long
as is possible. The email address will also remain live, for your feedback which, as always, will be forwarded
to the appropriate author or artist.

So, finally, thank you once again.

John Mingay

The Eternal Anthology
an evolving collection of selected shorter works by contemporary poets
featuring work by
Steven Taylor, Tim Allen, John Gimblett, Rupert M. Loydell & John Mingay.
featuring work by
Camille Martin, Andy Young, Emma Lew, Prasenjit Maiti & Tim Cloudsley.
featuring work by
Brian Louis Pearce, Rupert M. Loydell, Mike Jaynes & David Angel.
featuring work by
Joel Chace, Richard Fein, Brigitte Byrd & Harry Guest.
featuring work by
Peter Boyle, Fisher Thompson, Castor Bayley & Adam Sykes.
featuring work by
Norman Jope, Srdjan Djeric, Corey Mesler, W.B. Keckler & Sandra Tappenden.
featuring work by
Mark Goodwin, Ray Succre, Rupert M. Loydell, Jeffrey Side & Norman Jope..

a series of on-line illustrated poetry collections

La Pasionaria
John Mingay with Boris Mingay
Extracts from Carrier of the Seed
Jeffrey Side with John Mingay
Ian Seed with Raymond Gordon
Mast High
Norman Jope with John Gimblett
Mark Goodwin with Elaine Miller
Abstractions from Along Another Way
John Mingay with Bill McKechnie
The Law of Poetry
M.T.C. Cronin with John Mingay
Ashtray Soul
Philip Terry with Albert Sumac
One Is Not The Number
Serge Pey (translated by Patrick Williamson & Yann Lovelock)
Sandra Tappenden & Rupert M Loydell
Way To Eden
Georgina Johnson with John Mingay
writings and images in aid of the Indian Ocean Catastrophe
Jay Ramsay with John Mingay
Snapshots from Morecambe Bay
Yann Lovelock with Ian Robinson
Fragrant Automatisms
Andrew Nightingale
The Rush Towards Silence
Rupert M. Loydell & Sheila E. Murphy with Mary Johnston
The Whole Within
Lee Allen with John Mingay
Tim Cloudsley with Stephen Malpass
The Red Kite Experience
Norman Jope with John Mingay
John Mingay with John Mason
A Green Road Through the Mountains
Jay Ramsay with John Mingay
Wall Talk
Francis Raven with Rupert M. Loydell
Irrigations (of the Human Heart)
MTC Cronin with John Mingay
Years of Pilgrimage
Tim Cloudsley with Mary Johnstone
Norman Jope with Mary Stewart
Can You Hear Us In Between?
David H.W. Grubb
The Memory of Architecture
John Mingay
Roopsa & I
Prasenjit Maiti with Stephen Malpass
The Doppelgänger’s Defence
John Mingay
Snowshoes Across the Clouds
Rupert M. Loydell & Robert Garlitz with John Mingay
Rumors Flying in Helvetica
Sheila E. Murphy
Repeated Conversation
John Mingay with Boris Mingay
Yann Lovelock with John Mingay
The Temperature of Recall
Rupert M. Loydell & Sheila E. Murphy
Words Within the Confines of Time
John Mingay
The Molecular Biology of Paradise
Rupert M.Loydell with Duncan Simcoe

Paintings & Mixed Media Works

Ian Robinson
Landscapes - Ten Variations on a Theme