Martina Hingis videos and DVDs

Hi, my name is John Pooley and I live in England. I have 381 Martina Hingis tennis match videos

I am willing to sell and exchange Martina Hingis videos and DVDs

I have Martina Hingis tennis matches on video from 1994 when she was just 14 up to until she retired in 2007.

Matches are available in VHS PAL video format  and now also in VHS NTSC video format for American fans.

Some Martina Hingis matches are now available on DVD.

This site is regularly updated with additional Martina Hingis tennis matches (last updated 26 May 2010)


Martina Hingis 1994 to 1996 matches


Martina Hingis matches on DVD

Martina Hingis 1997 matches

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Martina Hingis 1998 matches

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Martina Hingis 1999 matches

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Martina Hingis 2000 matches


Martina Hingis 2001 matches

Martina Hingis 2002 matches

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Martina Hingis 2006 matches

Other tennis matches on DVD

Martina Hingis 2007 matches

Other tennis videos

Please read the 'Prices', How To Pay' and 'Frequently Asked Questions' pages before you email me.
It will save a lot of time

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