Welcome to www.churchleigh-town.co.uk. It has been set up to share my modelling experiences with a wider audience and to promote my model prior for its appearance on the exhibition ‘circuit’. I have been modelling railways for some time, but this is my first attempt at a ‘serious’ layout.


Churchleigh Town is an end-to-end layout designed with portability in mind. It is based on a fictitious depot just to the north of London and is based in the early days of privatisation, as this allows for the widest variety of locomotives and liveries. Despite the large range of stock available from this period, time is still often distorted to include the odd interloper from outside this timescale.


Please use the links to the left to navigate around my site. I welcome any comments you might have, so do please contact me with your suggestions, comments and questions.






UK modern image layouts

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