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There she is in all her Glory.
The old fire station
Green street (Old Roman Road)
Green street
Parmiter's School, Approach road
Sheppard house. Grove Road
Bethnal Green Hospital
Children's Hospital
cambridge heath
cambridge heath station
Bethnal Green Underground
Kearley & Tonge
Gales Garden 1923
Gibraltar Walk
Florida Street
Seabright Street
Arline Terrace ( Dorset estate )
Boundary estate 1925
Sale Street 1923
Roger estate
Burnham estate
53-59 Old Ford Road 1960
Cranbrook Street
Twig folly Bridge, Roman road
Peary place, green street
Trew and shorts, Roman road
Poyser Street
Bethnal green road
> Salmon & Ball
The Band Stand
Old English Garden
Boat station victoria park
Boating lake
Boat house
Penny Boat ride
The Avenue, Victoria Park
Bank Holiday, Victoria Park
lake Victoria Park
lake Barries
The Chinese House

Back of the Lake
Approach road Gate
st James avenue
st James the less
Chest Hospital
Bonner road Children's Home
Bonner road
St Hilda's youth club1954. club row
The Repton
Globe road School 1948. Miss Tapman's class
Globe road School
Globe road school 2
St.John's Peel Grove. Class of 49/50 (sorry girls!)
Marian Street VE party 1945
Butler Estate VE day
VE day Butler Estate
Burnham Estate VE day
VE day Burnham Estate
Digby Estate VE Party
Quinn sq Russia Lane 1953
Russia Lane VE Party
Russia Lane VE Party
Russia Lane VE Party
Morpeth Street 1953
Russia Lanes - Ladies Beano
Ladies Beano
Norah street
Bob and the boys - Old Ford Road
Russia lane boys
Digby Football Team
Mansford Football club
Fishing down the cut
Christmas party, Bethnal Green Hospital - 1957
Hes got a Dress on
Days, Hackney road
Cripples church, Bonner street
My dad 1912 (clock the boots!)
Tommy (Wassel) Newman
Rising Sun (Green Street)
Rising Sun - Roman Road (Green Street)
The Aber
The Florist
The Cabin - Russia Lane
The Albert, Russia Lane old ford road
Greyhound. Old Ford Road
The Weavers Arms - Roman Road
City of Paris - Mace Street
Bonner Arms - Bonner Street
The Jolly Butchers, Bricklane
The Birdcage
Bricklayers Arms, Vallance Road
The old Hope
The Panther, Turin Street 1948/9
The Pellicci Brothers outside Ye Olde Hope
The Three Crowns, Hackney Road
The Cricketer's
The Cricketer's Bridge
Mile end Odeon
The Foresters, Cambridge heath road
The Excelsior
The Regal
Rex Bethnal green road
Old barge horse
The coalman (Ranges)
The coalman (Ranges)
The Ice Cream Man (Peter's Roman road)
Club Row
Club Row
Sclater street
Keeling House
The Museum
Cambridge Heath
Liptons, Top of Bethnal Green Road
Grove road Bridge, first V1 Bomb fell
Mason and Pearsons
Digby Walk. Baker Street
My Gang