The Humber Suspension Bridge
The Third longest Span Suspension Bridge in the World.
Aerial view of the Humber Bridge
The first thing I always want to know when I see anything about great engineering or any natural beauty spot, is where is it in the world. To help you I have put a series of maps so you can find out for your self. On the north bank it is Kingston Upon Hull, or Hessle and on the south bank it is Barton on Humber. The bridge is named after the River Humber which it spans and it is the southern boundary of the East Riding Of Yorkshire and the northern boundary of North Lincolnshire in England. UK. The picture is taken from the south side of the bridge.
Scotland,England and Wales

This is a map picture of Scotland, England and Wales, so to help you get an idea of their location, I have marked the area where both the River Humber and the Humber Bridge are in England. The distances to various towns and cities are from the nearest city to the bridge, Kingston upon Hull.

To York it is 37 miles (60 kilometers).
To Leeds it is 55 miles (89 kilometers).
To London it is 184miles (296 kilometers).
To Plymouth it is 355 miles (571 kilometers).
To Glasgow it is 254 miles (409 kilometers).
To Liverpool it is 130 miles (209 kilometers).
To Birmingham it is 134 miles (216 kilometers).
To Swansea it is 264 miles (425 kilometers).
To Newcastle it is 132 miles (212 kilometers).
To Dover it is 256 miles (412 kilometers).
Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and
Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.
Humber Bridge in April 2001

This is a view of the Humber Bridge taken on a day in April 2001, on one of the few fine days we get around here at this time of year.
View of River Humber from east walkway on Bridge

This picture was taken on the approach to the bridge on the south side heading north. On one of the few snowy days in January 2004.

Bridge Location
This small map shows the actual location of the Bridge and the surrounding area plus the road approaches from the north and south.

A view of East Yorkshire
A map of the area around the Humber Bridge showing the nearest towns and Cities in both Lancashire and Yorkshire.
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