The Humber Suspension Bridge
General Information.
The Humber Bridge Act.
The Humber Bridge Act of 1959 set up the Humber Bridge Board. This was set up to construct, operate, maintain and administer the bridge but until 1971 due to many circumstances it wasn't able to proceed with any plans at all.
The Humber Bridge Board, members.
The Humber Bridge membership consists of 22 members.
Which consists of
1 member from Lincolnshire County Council,
5 members from North Lincolnshire Council,
4 members from East Riding of Yorkshire Council
12 from Kingston upon Hull City Council.
Important Dates in the history of the Humber Bridge.
The Humber Bridge Act 1959
Government Decision that Bridge Should be built April 1969
Loan agreed by Govt./ Start of detailed design May 1971
Work started on the southern approach road July 1972
Started work on sub-structure March 1973
Started work on super-structure April 1973
Completed work on North Tower May 1974
Completed work on South Tower July 1976
Began spinning of cable Sept.1977
Completed cable spinning July1979
First box erected October 1979
Last box erected July 1980
Bridge opened to traffic 24th June 1981
Official opening by H.M. The Queen. 17th July 1981
The Financing of the Humber Bridge
The Bridge Construction was funded by way of government loans, which was to be repaid out of the Toll income, and the Humber Bridge Board having powers to fund any deficit from rate precepts.
Technical difficulties, problems with the labour force and unusually bad weather led to the construction taking 9 years instead of the proposed 5 years, couple this with high rate of price inflation during this time, these were the main reasons for the increase in cost.

When the bridge opened to traffic in 1981 the operating costs left too little surplus to cover the cost of the mounting interest charges and the debt grew year by year. In the period of 1992 to 1998 the government made annual grants to the Board so the debt would not increase. In 1998 and agreement was made between the government and the Board, were all monies owed was consolidated into a single loan with a reduced interest rate. Some of the debt was written off and some of it had the interest suspended.
At the present rate it should be fully paid off within a period of 40 years from 1998, and with no need for using the rate precepts.
The Humber Bridge Debt
The bridge and approach roads cost a total of 98m but by the time the bridge opened to traffic it had risen to 151m as a result of the interest charges which occurred during the construction period.(The original estimated costs for construction were 28m ) By 1982 the debt was 164.6m, and 1992 it had increased to 439.3m.
It was pegged at 435m during the period 1992-1998. After the restructure of the Boards finances in 1998 the debt in 1999 was 354m.
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