The Humber Suspension Bridge
Photographs around The Humber Bridge.
Taken from the South Bank

The Humber Bridge at low tide from the southbank near Barton on Humber with Hessle shore in the background, taken during August 2005.
Southern anchor point

A view from the south of the bridge and the southern anchor point taken from ground level.
The North Tower

The North tower with maintenance gantries under deck.
View of the south pier

The view of the south pier looking upwards towards the deck showing the cantilevers used for the cycle and walk ways. With Hessle shore in the distance.
View from walk way

The view from the west side of the bridge, taken from the walk way around the towers facing the south
Travelling north
Taken from the south of the bridge going northwards as you just start to go over the bridge.
Approaching the southern tower

Taken as you travel northwards approaching the southern tower of the bridge.
The main Trunkroad

Kingston upon Hull in the background and the main trunk road (the A63) into the city.
The Toll Booths

The view you see as you approach the toll booths on the north side from the south. With the Main Offices on the right.
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