Kingston upon Hull Crowns
Kingston Upon Hull
A City of today's world.
Kingston upon Hull crowns
The City
The town became a city in 1897 with the Royal Charter of Queen Victoria, and nowadays the population is around 300,000. It has become a thriving industrial area, both the derelict docks and the old town over the last 20 years have been given fresh life and out of this we have some stunning new areas to show Kingston upon Hull at its best. It has excellent shopping areas, parks, an art gallery, museums, theatres and a marina.
Hull has a long maritime history the evidence of which you can see at the waterfront and the old town. There are cobbled narrow lanes, historic architecture, old inns, preserved warehouses some formal gardens and wonderful views of the Humber waterway giving plenty of interest for visitors. Two of Hull's historic docks form the marina with plenty of yachts and other boats moored.
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Princes Quay Shopping Centre. It is built on stilts over what was formerly the old Princes Dock. For an enlarged picture and more information click on Picture.
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This shows a view eastward of Queens Gardens which again has come about by making use of the old Queens Dock. It is now a great splash of colour in the centre of the city with it's trees, flower beds, duck ponds with fountains. During the summer months often used for festivals and live band performances. In the distance you can see Hull College and in front of it the 100 feet high monument to William Wilberforce.
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The Marina has been built in what used to be the Humber and the Railway docks and it has helped to bring life and good times to the Hull waterfront again. You can look at all the different types of sailing ships, the motorised yachts and the traditional sailing boats as you walk around or sit and have a drink.
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One of the regular annual occurances was the flooding of the town due to the high and spring tides and so a tidal surge barrier was built and completed in April 1980. The barrier is over 100 feet high and lowered across the width of the River Hull when dangerous tides threaten.
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Victoria Pier is an attractive area on the waterfront with great all round views of the River Humber. It also has a small landing stage which was used for the Humber ferry to travel to New Holland on the southbank before the Humber Bridge was built.
The House Museum of William Wilberforce
There are around six museums in Kingston upon Hull plus an Art gallery and they are all within walking distance of each other within the city centre. They represent various aspects of the town such as the Maritime Museum, Transport Museum, and the Wilberforce House.
Wilberforce House Museum.
View into the Marina
This is the view standing on the first lock gate looking towards the Marina, to see the view of the Entrance/Exit to and from the River Humber (when you turn around) then place your mouse over the Image
Click Here for a more Detailed History Of Kingston upon Hull
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Land of Green Ginger
This a small street at the bottom of Whitefriargate in centre of Hull old town, where you can see the worlds smallest window. This is in The George Hotel, said to have been used by the gatekeeper to look out for stagecoaches and customers.
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