Here are the family names which occur most frequently in my database. However, if the name you are seeking does not appear, don't let that deter you from contacting me: there are many instances of just one or two entries.

A Alford, Allen, Andrew, Annear, Apps
B Bailey, Bam(p)field, Barber(r)y, Bartley, Bawden, Beard, Bedella, Bennett(s), Benney, Best, Bice, Biddick, Bishop, Blackler, Blamey, Blight, Brewer, Broad, Brown, Bullen, Burley, Burt
C Cahill, Cardell, Carveth, Chapman, Chegwidden, Clemo(w), Cock(s), Collett, Collins, Cook(e), Coom/n, Cowl, Cowlin(g), Crew(e)s, Crocker, Crone
D Dabb, Date, Davey, Davies/Davis, Daw(e), Doble, Dorrington, Dowrick, Duff, Dumble, Dunn, Dunstan/Dunstone
E Eddy, Emmett, Endean, Everett
F Faull, Finnemore, Freethy, French, Fugler
G Gatley, George, Gerrans, Giles, Gill, Goodfellow, Greenaway, Grieve, Grose, Gummow
H Harris, Harvey, Hearle, Hocking, Hodge, Hooper, Hotten, Huddy, Hugo
I Ivey
J Jacob, James, Jeffery, Jenkin(s), Jewell, Joery/Jorey/Jory, Johns, Johnson, Jose
K Keast, Kemp, Kempthorne, Kendall, Kent, Kessell,
L Lawer, Lawry, Lean, Lewarn(e), Lobb, Lock, Lyndon
M Magor, Mannell/Manuell, Martin, Matthews, May, Merrifield, Miners, Mitchell, Morcom/Morcombe/Morkem, Moses, Moyle
N Nancarrow, Nicholls, Nottle
O Oliver
P-Q Palfrey, Pappin, Parsons, Pascoe, Passmore, Paull, Pearce, Penaliggan, Penrose, Pentecost, Perry, Peters, Philp, Pill, Pinwell, Plem(m)ing, Prime, Quincey
R Reed, Rescorla, Reynolds, Richards, Rickard, Roberts, Rooke, Rowe, Rowse,
S Sanders/Saunders, Sarah, Sawle, Scoble, Scown, Searle, Seccombe, Sobey, Spry, Stan(n)away, Stephens, Stribley, Strongman, Symons
T Tank, Thomas, Tippett, Toms, Tonkin, Treleaven, Tremayne, Tresawna, Trethew(e)y, Treweeke, Truscott
U-V Vercoe
W-Z Waller, Warne, Warren, Watts, Webb, Webber, Week(e)s, Whetter, White, Whitford, Williams, Woolcock, Yelland, Yeoman

List updated: July 2002

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