The following places (with various alternative spellings) can be found in Probus parish:.

B Bart(e)liver, Benallack, Berrangoose
C Candra/Candor, Carnwinnick, Carvean, Carvosso/Carvoza, Churchtown, Cuskayne/Cuskean
D Denham (see Tredenham), Dish
F Freewater, Freewater Lodge (sometimes known as Trewarthenick Lodge), Frogmore
G Geen Mill, Golden (anciently known as Wolvedon), Golden Mill, Golden Cot, Grampound Road, The Green, Gumma/Gummow, Gwel Marten/Gold Martin
H Halnoweth, Halvossa/Halvose, Helland
K Knoll/Knowl
L Lamellyn/Lemellion, Lane, Levarder/Levardro/Levardra
N Nancemabyn/Nansmabyn, Nancemerrow/Nansmerrow, Nankill(e)y, Nansalsa, Newstables
P-Q Parkengear, Pomer(o)y
R Resparva/Respalva/Resparveth
S Sorn(e)s/Sourne, Sowgar, Suffree, Sunrising
T Tredenham, Tredinnick, Tregeagle, Tregellas, Tregoose, Tregurno, Trehane, Trehane Mill, Trelowthas, Trenithon Bennett, Trenithon Chancellor, Trenouth/Trenowth, Tresawle/Tresaule, Tresillian (partly in the parishes of Probus, Merther and St Erme), Trestrail/Trestrayle (Higher and Lower), Trethowa, Treverbyn, Trevervoe/Trevorva, Trevervoe/Trevorva Cot, Treviglas, Trevilvas, Trevollan(d), Trewithen, Treworgans, Treworgie/Treworgy (Great and Little), Treworyan, Truck
U-V Ventonberran, Ventonglidder/Ventonglitter
W-Z Wolvedon (see Golden), Yondertown



The following places can be found in Cornelly parish:

Bridgend, Dabshill, Gregor Arms, Grogarth/Grogoth Wartha, Grogarth/Grogoth Wallis/Wallace, Little Grogarth/Grogoth, Hills Mill, Killiow, Mellangoose/Millengoose/Millancoose, Nansacker Mill, Penpell/Penpill, Penvose, Trelaska/Trelasker/Trelask, Lower Trelaska/Trelasker/Trelask, Rosehill, Trewarthenick,Woodsend


List dated: July 2002

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