Probus village is situated five and a half miles north-east of Truro and eight miles south-west of St Austell. A recently constructed bypass on the A.390 relieves the heavy flow traffic which troubled the peace in recent years. The parish is a large one, with many outlying farms and localities. Cornelly, on the other hand, is a very small rural parish seven miles east of Truro. Click here for names in both parishes.

Probus Church, dedicated to St Probus and St Grace, has the tallest tower in Cornwall. To read more about the church, the history of the parish, and the village of today, try the local website. I am grateful to Peter Walton of the Probus Village website for permission to reproduce this and other photos.

There is no village of Cornelly and the little church of St Cornelius is tucked away down a lane off a byroad between Probus and Tregony. I am grateful to Carol Hughes, OPC for Ruan Lanihorne, for providing me with this photo. Until 1973 the church was under the care of the Vicar of Probus but this duty has now switched to Tregony-with-Cuby.

To see a large-scale map of Probus, you can view one provided by Multimap. Cornelly is on this same map but not shown by name - look for the church tower symbol on the road to the west of Tregony.

You can also find more information about both parishes on the GENUKI Cornwall website.

July 2002

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