At present I can search my database for entries in the following records:


  • Church Baptisms 1793-1910
  • Church Marriages 1597-1900
  • Church Burials 1790-1910
  • Wesleyan Church Baptisms 1815-1900
  • Kelly's Directory for Cornwall 1919
  • 1841 Census
  • 1851 Census
  • 1861 Census


  • Church Baptisms 1666-1910
  • Church Marriages 1700-1900
  • Church Burials 1700-1900
  • All censuses 1841-1901

    The database has been compiled both from transcriptions which I have made myself and from contributions which other people have kindly sent me. I have made every effort to be as accurate as possible but please keep in mind that we are all human so the occasional misinterpretation or error may have crept in. The Cornelly registers have suffered some damage and in places they are very difficult if not impossible to decipher, so there will inevitably be gaps in my database.

    I would suggest that you check any information I may provide against the original sources. I will be only too pleased to know about any omissions or amendments which may be necessary.

    I used to provide a direct link to my email address but in an attempt to reduce "spam" I have removed it. However, I hope you can work it out from the following: If in doubt, refer to the OPC website here for further guidance.

    It is my aim to answer all requests within two days of receipt whenever possible. However, I am often away from home so, if you do not get a prompt reply, please be patient. I will not ignore you and I will reply as soon as possible, even if it is only to regret that I cannot supply the requested details.

    This list will be updated as soon as I have anything new to add.

    List updated January 2003

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