This website is dedicated to the memory of my maternal greatgrandparents and grandparents, father and mother, uncles, aunts and cousins who spent most of their life in and around the parishes of Probus and Cornelly and now lie in Probus churchyard. Most of them would have absolutely no idea what a computer is, and would be bewildered by what I am attempting to do now as OPC for their parishes. However, I hope they would not disapprove of my actions. Their names may not be of interest to the majority of readers but, if you are curious, you can find a list here.
A brief outline of my family's story, and particularly their movements, may possibly provide a little help to other people searching for families with Probus and Cornelly connections. Our ancestors, and indeed our own generation, were not always christened, married or buried in the parish of their birth. They moved around, for reasons which were sometimes obvious and at other times puzzling. My greatgrandparents were both born in the South Hams area of Devon. After their marriage they spent a few years in Plymouth before crossing the border into Cornwall. They moved frequently at first, from Ruanlanihorne to Perranzabuloe, from Ladock to Creed, and finally settled in Probus parish, with the occasional interlude in Cornelly.

My grandfather was born in Ruanlanihorne and was married three times, his first two wives being "Tregony maids" and the third from Merther. My father came from "down west" to rent a farm on the Trewithen Estate and so settled in Probus in 1928. My mother was born and christened in Cornelly, but attended school in Probus, and was married in Truro. My sister and I were both born in Probus parish but attended primary school in Tregony and church at Cornelly (although we put in a few appearances at Probus Methodist Church for father's sake).

The message which I am trying to convey is that, if you think one of your ancestors was born, married or buried in Probus or Cornelly but cannot find them in the parish registers, then look slightly farther afield, in the adjoining parishes. Click here for the names. In the days when walking was often the only means of transport and in a large parish like Probus, it was the nearest church that was visited and this was not necessarily the parish one! Similarly, if your ancestors lived in one of the adjoining parishes, it is possible that you may find them mentioned in the Probus or Cornelly registers. This applies particularly to Cornelly where many "abodes" are given as Cuby, Tregony, Veryan, Lamorran or Ruanlanihorne.

I have not lived in Cornwall for over 40 years but I hope that by returning now as the off-site but on-line parish clerk I can be of some service to anyone who is seeking relatives with Probus or Cornelly connections. I will be as pleased to receive information as to give it.

The photo shows the Jubilee Lamp in Probus Square.

July 2002

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