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Due to problems of fund-raising, increased cost and difficulty at Hungarian and Romanian borders the Trust has regrettably ceased to operate.

Welcome to Light up România Trusts Home Page

Bucea village on the road from Oradea to Cluj.Since the revolution the conditions in Romania have, and still are, deteriorating due to high inflation (exchange rates, fuel prices and important information on Chairman's Page) and a lack of training in all areas. This has led to many institutions (schools, hospitals, children's homes, etc.) suffering from the lack of one of the most basic needs of life, adequate lighting. Many of the rooms have only one light bulb and some have none. The Romanian Information Clearing House (RICH) at the Ministry of Health in Bucuresti recognizes These carts are dangerous at night with no lightsthis as a major problem existing throughout România, as light bulbs are expensive and fluorescent lights scarce. I have, since 1991, witnessed amongst many other problems, children trying to read and write in dimly lit classrooms, patients and staff trying to cope in dark hospitals and children, along with their staff, living in a twilight world in children's homes. Most of the aid groups or charities helping România deal with institutions connected with children, therefore places such as community hospitals in the smaller towns and villages, especially in the East, receive little or no help at all.

Typical main road, from Braila to SloboziaLight up România Trust is a small Charitable Trust (registered with The Ministry of Health in Bucuresti) supplying fluorescent lights to communityThe staff and myself at Ivesti Hospital hospitals and their dispensaries in the villages since 1993. Recent changes have stopped the Trust from helping dispensaries. The Trust also helps local schools with any educational items it can obtain. The Trust is also involved in helping several scientists in the country working on the conservation and bats.

The Trust would like to thank the following for all their help:- Philips Lighting, Thorn Lighting, Seaview Service Station, Birchington; The Drome Garage, Manston; Papa Tango CB Group, Thanet; SeaFrance, Dover; DC Homewood, Broadstairs; Broadstairs Trailers, Broadstairs; Pat Thompson (personal donation) and all those who have helped the Trust in the past. Without such continuing help the Trust would not be able to carry on with it's work.
If you would like to help the Trust by donating, fund-raising or being involved in two exciting projects (see Chairmans Page) we can be contacted by mailing to: If you would like to donate directly, urgently needed funds for the Trust, you can deposit your donation at any branch of the Nationwide Building Society, quoting

or you can transfer your donation quoting

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