Late Antique Urbanism: External Research Project Links

Compiled by Luke Lavan

General - Britain - Gaul - Germany - Iberia - Italy - Illyricum - Greece - Asia Minor & Cyprus - The Levant - Egypt
- Africa & Mauretania


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Wroxeter Hinterland Project


The Geography of Roman Gaul
Glanum- Les Antiques
Saint Bertrand de Comminges: la ville romaine
Lutèce, une ville gallo-romaine
Vienne la Romaine




Cologne City History
Das Römische Mainz


Cuidades Romanas Research Project - University of Southhampton
Excavaciones en la cuidad romana de Arva (Alcolea del Ri<o, Sevilla)
Conimbriga : A Roman Town in Portugal
Roman Cadiz  -Cadiz
Roman Seville
Excavations at Gijon
Tarraco Photos
Museu Nacional Arquelo>gic de Tarragona




BSR Tiber Valley Project
Tiber Valley Project: Forum Novum - Vescovio
Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome  -
Forum Romanum - Exploring an Ancient Market Place
Ostia - Harbour of Ancient Rome
Centro Studi Storici Ostia
Pavia - History
Via D'Azeglio Ravenna Mosaics


The "Palace" of Diocletian at Split : A Unique Structure from the Later Roman Empire, by Michael Greenhalgh
Kaiseraugst, by Wolfgang Currlin
City Guide to Trier
Welcome to Budapest Aquincum Page
Aquincum Museum
Gradina - Jelica Archaeological Site - Report Vol 1
Ager Salonitana project -fieldwork in and around Salona
Adriatic Islands Project




University of Pennnsylvnia Museum Corinth Computer Project
Late Roman Delphi

Asia Minor and Cyprus

The West Avenue of Ancient Tarsus
The Greek & Roman Cities of Western Turkey, by Michael Greenhalgh
Focus Ephesus Guide
Forum Archaologiae (many articles on Ephesus)
State of the Art: Aphrodisias
Alacami Project, Cilicia
The Anastasian Wall Project
Byzantium1200 - Reconstructions of Roman and Medieval buildings in the year 1200
Princeton University Istanbul Site - a Byzantine architecture project
The University of Illinois Constantinople Home Page
Encyclopedia of the Roman Provinces : Lycia
Project Zeugma
Famagusta & Salamis: A Guide Book, by William Dreghorn , B.Sc., Ph.D. (Lond.)


The Levant

Combined Caesarea Excavations
Wake Forest University Caesarea Maritima Page
Wake Forest University Sepphoris Page
Jerusalem Hebrew University Zippori Page
Universityof South Florida Sepphoris Excavations
Menahem Luz's Gadara Home Page
Hebrew University, Jerusalem "Jerusalem Mosaic" : The Roman-Byzantine Period (135-638 CE)
UC Berkeley - Santa Barbara : Tel Dor Archaeological Expedition
Beruit Downtown Excavations - (American University of Beirut, Department of History & Archaeology) &
ACRE (Archaeological Collaboration for Research & Excavation)


Alexandria: The Roman City
Berenice, Egypt


Africa & Mauretania

Lepcis Magna - Excavations of  King's College, London
Lepcis Magna - Hadrianic Baths Virtual Tour
Volubilis : Site Summary
Museum and Ancient Site of Chimtou

Other possible sites as yet unlocated : Leptiminus, Tunisia

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