Four Ball Juggling by Martin Probert

Juggling: From Simple Patterns To Advanced Theory
Original and entertaining material for beginner and expert
Over 700 illustrations, 202 pages, ISBN 0-9524860-0-8

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How many juggling patterns are in the book?

How many juggling patterns are in the book?

Four Ball Juggling contains

  7,848 patterns for 7 balls
  1,398 patterns for 6 balls
    337 patterns for 5 balls
 29,693 patterns for 4 balls
 29,693 patterns for 3 balls
     26 patterns for 2 balls
      8 patterns for 1 ball
  and 1 pattern  for 0 balls

giving a total of more than 69 thousand (asynchronous) patterns. These 69,000 patterns are given in compact form in the state tables (original to the book).

The main part of the book features the best of these asynchronous patterns together with a host of additional patterns of other types (such as one-handed, synchronous and multiplex). (An asynchronous pattern is one in which the left and right hands throw in alternation, a single ball being thrown on each occasion.)

For more information take a look at the contents and reviews.

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