Four Ball Juggling by Martin Probert

Juggling: From Simple Patterns To Advanced Theory
Original and entertaining material for beginner and expert
Over 700 illustrations, 202 pages, ISBN 0-9524860-0-8

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Notes for Experienced Jugglers

Four Ball Juggling features...

  • Body moves, ball bouncing patterns, multiplex and synchronous patterns, asynchronous patterns, Mills Mess, showers and split showers. (All illustrated with step-by-step diagrams showing you exactly how to throw each ball, and with added hints, tips and suggestions).
  • Novel combinations, many of them not at all obvious but delightful for all that. (And many of them original to this book).
  • Professional routines. (Original to this book).
  • A section with 163 patterns for 5 balls, 6 balls and 7 balls.
  • A juggling game using a pack of playing cards. (Original to this book).
  • Juggling theory - ignore these sections if this isn't your interest. (Original to this book).

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