Four Ball Juggling by Martin Probert

Juggling: From Simple Patterns To Advanced Theory
Original and entertaining material for beginner and expert
Over 700 illustrations, 202 pages, ISBN 0-9524860-0-8

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Rave Reviews in the Juggling Press

Review in Juggler's World (American juggling magazine), Fall 1995
...includes more than 150 pages of exceptionally well-illustrated four-ball patterns, six pages of five-, six- and seven-ball patterns and about 30 pages of mathematical and notational theory. Along the way are patterns in- and out-of-sync, multiplex, one-count holds (fakes), showers, hand-off (snap) patterns, bounce patterns with and without toss juggling, Mills Mess and even one-handed patterns (for those truly exploring the outer limits). Strengths of the book include the large number of pictures illustrating every throw with the position of the other balls included... and an eight-page explanation of Mills Mess with 24 pictures in a step-by-step learning progression... Four Ball Juggling [should get] the enthusiastic response it deserves, appearing in every juggler's library. Soon, the next step after three balls will be four, not five!

Review in The Catch (British juggling magazine), May 1995
..a comprehensive and authoritative book. I was stunned just by reading the list of contents. This highly illustrated book will provoke thought and inspire juggling... The strip-cartoon-like flow of the diagrams clearly show each throw in succession - by page 27 I had to put the book down and pick up the bean bags! ...Respect is due! Thank you for the book!

Review in Kaskade (European juggling magazine), Summer 1995
Fantastic Four... truly powerful stuff... We particularly liked the way the tricks are explained using over 700 step-by-step illustrations... they ensure that everyone can clearly understand the moves... The opus is rounded off with suggestions for audience-pleasing routines and a lot of information on juggling theory... What did we learn from Martin Probert's book? Well, quite simply, that there's still a lot to be done! So let's get down to it!

From letters to the author:
"Exceptional... a great book"
"The book I've been waiting for a long time"
"The definitive work"

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